21 September 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 24 June 2022

Common Dining Etiquette around the World

Every country has its own dining and food etiquette. Some of these may be really interesting while others may sound ludicrous. However, there are some rules that are commonly accepted all around the world. Here are the dining rules commonly accepted around the world.

1-Using the cutlery that fell on the floor

No matter for how many seconds the cutlery was on the floor, you should not keep using the same one afterwards.

2-Talking and chewing 

Since we were kids, we were told not to speak when our mouths are full. This is a common etiquette known and used all around the world. The opposite action is rarely acceptable in the world. Please try not to talk while chewing.

3-Slurping while having a soup

Slurping is not an acceptable action wherever you go in the world, except the Asian culture. In fact, no one would want to listen to the sounds you make while eating. So, please be careful not to slurp while having a soup. If the soup is too hot, please try to gently blow to your bowl. 

4-Refusing a toast

It is a general rule to join a toast when someone on your table proposes one. Please try to make eye contact with everyone at the table.

5-Licking your fingers

We know that the pieces of food left on your fingers look delicious. But licking your fingers among other people is not a kind act. You must try to resist the urge to lick your fingers. Instead, you can use the napkins on the table.

6-Starting your food before everyone else

We know you are hungry and can’t wait to eat, but you must always make sure everyone around the table is seated and their foods are served. Remember that dining together is always more fun. 

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