5 April 2024
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Our trusted travel companions, our suitcases, can sometimes leave us stranded halfway. Why, you ask? Because choosing the right suitcase can be tricky. This can turn a fun trip into a nightmare. Suitcases carry all your essential clothing, accessories, and gear, making them crucial items. Therefore, paying attention to some aspects when buying luggage is important. Purchasing a suitcase just to get the job done can lead to great disappointment.

When you intend to buy luggage, it's important to consider how you'll use it and where you'll be using it. Getting a suitcase that's too big can tire you out, while one that's too small can cause inconvenience. Of course, quality and price are also factors to consider. In short, each factor should be evaluated separately when buying luggage. Only then can you make the right choice and complete your journey smoothly. Here are some important tips for those looking to buy luggage.

Size and Capacity

When buying luggage, the first things to consider are size and capacity. You should ask yourself how often you travel and how much stuff you need. Once you answer these questions, you'll naturally choose the right option from among the suitcase sizes and capacities available. If you're going on relatively short trips, you can opt for cabin-sized luggage. These take up less space and provide easier accommodation on planes/buses. If you travel frequently and have a relatively large amount of belongings, you can consider larger suitcases.

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When choosing the size and capacity of luggage, you must consider the baggage regulations of the airline. Your cabin-sized luggage should be within the dimensions allowed by the airline. Otherwise, you may face difficulties. When buying luggage, if you choose models with expandable features, you can also benefit from additional space.

Material Used

Another important factor when selecting luggage is the material used in its production. When buying luggage, it's generally recommended to opt for lightweight yet durable models. Although lightweight, suitcases made of materials such as ABS, polycarbonate, or nylon are extremely durable. They are resistant to impacts and do not get easily affected. Lightweight, flexible suitcases can make your travels much more convenient. Additionally, it's important for the suitcase to be made of water-resistant material. Suitcases with protective features against liquid leaks will be useful in preventing unwanted accidents.

Wheel Attachment

Today, there are almost no suitcases without wheels. Especially on long journeys, wheels are extremely functional and comfortable. If you want to easily carry your suitcase at the airport, you can choose suitcases with four wheels that rotate 360 degrees. Of course, to avoid unpleasant surprises during travel, the wheels must be made of durable, high-quality material. Large and sturdy wheels are preferred because they can adapt to any condition and won't leave you stranded halfway.

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Locking System

When choosing luggage, you should also pay attention to security. To prevent others from opening your suitcase containing your special items, you can opt for models with a locking system. TSA-approved locks allow you to pass through customs in countries like the USA, where security is highly regarded, with ease. Superior security systems perform necessary scans without you having to open the suitcase. This way, you won't have to deal with the hassle of opening the suitcase.

Other Additional Features

All the features we mentioned are essential elements that should be present in a standard suitcase. However, in addition to these, having multiple compartments, convenient zipper attachments, will make your travel much more comfortable. Moreover, nowadays, some suitcases come with extra features such as USB charging stations, power bank pockets, etc. This allows you to easily meet important needs during your travels.

Before buying luggage, it's recommended to research both the brand and user reviews. Additionally, comparing different luggage options can help you find a more suitable product. Also, opening and inspecting the suitcase before purchase, examining its zippers, width, materials, will help you make the right choice. Having a warranty for the suitcase is also important for addressing any potential issues that may arise later.

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BONUS: Istanbul Airport Bag Wrapping and Left Luggage Service

One of the services offered to you at Istanbul Airport is the Bag Wrapping and Left Luggage Service, providing you with a safe journey with your luggage. The bag wrapping service allows you to wrap your luggage with transparent stretch film to ensure its safety. These applications are very functional in domestic and international travels where security is extremely important. 

Another application offered at Istanbul Airport, left luggage lockers, allows you to safely store your personal belongings for a certain period of time. This way, you can move around comfortably without worrying about your belongings. Both services are subject to certain fees. By visiting the Istanbul Airport website, you can access more details about both the bag wrapping and left luggage services.

There are two left-luggage offices at the İGA Istanbul Airport terminal, next to the domestic passenger exit gate on the arrivals floor and in front of the 13-bay exit gate. You can also benefit from the left-luggage lockers service in the gate areas 1 and 6 of the passenger floor of IGA Istanbul Airport Terminal.

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