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25 January 2024

If there's one thing that elevates cycling beyond just a sport or a pastime, it's bikepacking – exploring new places on two wheels. In our country, there are numerous routes waiting to be explored, especially by cycling enthusiasts. Countless bike lovers traverse these routes each year, and every day, hundreds of new enthusiasts join this immensely popular activity. 

Given Türkiye's popularity for cycling routes akin to trekking, there are countless spots to discover on two wheels in every region. All you need to do is grab your bike and follow the route that suits you best. If you're eager to explore new corners of Türkiye through bikepacking, here are the bikepacking routes we've curated for you.


Istanbul - Çanakkale Route

If you're an Istanbul local, the journey from Istanbul to Çanakkale is tailor-made for you. This route is highly favored among cyclists and serves as an ideal starting point for beginners. So, what sets this route apart? Firstly, it boasts numerous historical landmarks and natural wonders to explore on your bike. Especially after traversing the historic districts of Istanbul, the lush green landscapes you encounter will rejuvenate you. This route is an unmissable opportunity for cyclists residing in or near Istanbul.

Gökova Route

There's probably no one unfamiliar with Gökova, a region that showcases the splendid natural beauty of Muğla. Within this breathtaking area, where blue meets green, there's undoubtedly a perfect route for cyclists. If you wish to discover both the sea and lush natural beauty with your bicycle, make sure to take note of this route. Along this path, you'll encounter the bays and pine forests of the Gulf of Gökova, as well as the chance to visit many charming villages and towns.

Phrygian Way Route

The Phrygian route, spanning Eskişehir, Afyon, and Kütahya, is renowned for best reflecting the traces of the Phrygian civilization. On this route, historical heritage and natural wonders coexist. Ancient cities and caves await your exploration. As the most popular cycling route in Central Anatolia, anyone in proximity to these regions should undoubtedly embark on this journey.


Hittite Road

The Hittite Road, another historical route, covers the path between Kırşehir, Yozgat, and Çorum provinces. On this road, where traces of the Hittite civilization abound, you'll also witness the remnants of intriguing ancient cities. The cycling tour on this route, including Yazılıkaya, Alacahöyük, and Hattuşaş, promises a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Eastern Express Route

This route presents a unique opportunity for those eager to discover the natural wonders of Eastern Anatolia through a bicycle tour. Encompassing Ardahan, Kars, and Erzurum, this route can also be traversed by the Orient Express train, offering a distinctive experience, even if you lack time for a bicycle tour. Along the way, relish the views of the Caucasus Mountains and explore the historical settlements of Erzurum.

Lycian Way

Embark on the Mediterranean route, also known as the Lycian Way, traversing Isparta, Muğla, and Antalya. This picturesque route is perfect for those eager to explore the natural wonders and communities of the Mediterranean. Along the way, explore numerous ancient cities bearing the marks of Lycian civilization.


Kaçkar Mountains Route

For an adventure through the Eastern Black Sea on your bike, consider the Kaçkar Mountains Route. Passing through Trabzon, Artvin, and Rize, witness the unique beauty of the Eastern Black Sea region. With a route leading to the summit of Kaçkar Mountains, experience an adrenaline-charged adventure through climbing. Discover suitable spots for rest, picnics, or camping along the way.

Cappadocia Route

Why not tour and explore Cappadocia, renowned for its fairy chimneys and underground cities, by bicycle? Cycle through the unique valleys of Cappadocia, capture photos in the fairy chimneys, and step into the mysterious world of underground cities. Cappadocia is unquestionably enchanting with a bicycle.

Aegean Coast Route

Countless hidden gems await discovery along the Aegean coast. Uncover these treasures by following the cycling route, a straightforward journey along the Aegean coast. Encounter Bodrum, Çeşme, and Kuşadası sequentially, exploring holiday resorts by bicycle and discovering perfect spots for camping and breaks in the region.


Alanya-Gazipasa Route

Commencing from Alanya, one of Antalya's most popular districts, and extending to Gazipaşa, this cycling route offers a blend of natural and historical wonders. Ideal for those seeking an alternative Mediterranean cycling experience, this route features numerous bays and beaches awaiting your exploration.

Mersin-Tarsus-Silifke Route

Embark on the Mediterranean adventure starting from Mersin and encompassing Tarsus and Silifke. Tailored for those desiring a bicycle tour in the Mediterranean region, this route promises the discovery of new places. Explore the historical cities of Silifke and enjoy pleasant moments at the beach and recreational areas along the way.

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