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8 February 2024

Two decades ago, jetting off with kids could be a real hassle for families, especially if those kiddos were still in their infant stage, roughly 0-24 months old. Endless waits, transport hiccups, and the absence of baby-friendly amenities only exacerbated the situation. But nowadays, traveling has become a breeze for families with babies. Airlines and airports have stepped up their game, offering services tailored to families with little ones. With perks like complimentary strollers at Istanbul Airport, families can navigate airports with ease.

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Flying with a Baby

Many airlines provide amenities for passengers traveling with infants, but there are some rules to follow. Beyond that, families with babies receive special treatment both at the airport and on board. However, there are some precautions to take before jetting off with a little one:

•    If your baby is under 6 months old, it's advisable to get clearance from your pediatrician. Baby doctors are your best bet for accurate advice in such delicate matters.
•    Typically, babies can fly with their parents after the first week, but consulting a specialist is crucial to ensure both the baby's well-being and the family's peace of mind.
•    Opt for daytime travel if possible, as babies tend to be more relaxed during the day compared to evenings, ensuring a smoother journey for the whole family.
•    Pack all the essentials for your baby, from diapers to toys, ensuring you're prepared for any situation.
•    Airlines also cater to families with babies, so don't hesitate to ask cabin crew for assistance if needed, especially during the flight.
•    Choose seats close to the restroom for easier access during diaper changes or feeding times.
•    If traveling with a baby for a week or longer, obtaining a doctor's clearance is advisable.
•    Cabin crew can assist with heating or preparing baby food during the flight if necessary.
•    Arrive at the airport early to avoid rushing through procedures, giving you more time to handle any baby-related needs.
•    Remember to fold and hand over your stroller to baggage handlers before boarding, as they're not allowed inside the airplane.
•    Consider using baby carriers or wraps for easier transport around the airport.
•    Be prepared for changes in cabin pressure during takeoff and landing, as it may cause discomfort for your baby. Feeding them during these times can help alleviate any discomfort.

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Conveniences at Istanbul Airport for Families with Babies

Istanbul Airport offers numerous extra services to ensure passengers enjoy a more comfortable travel experience. Moreover, the airport provides a range of facilities tailored to families with infants. For instance, the complimentary stroller service is invaluable for ensuring families' comfort. This service is entirely free for infants aged 0-2. However, certain details must be noted to avail of the complimentary stroller service. These details include:

•    If a stroller is checked in with baggage, complimentary strollers are available in the designated area after the second security checkpoint for both domestic and international flights. Passengers can utilize strollers here.
•    Travelers arriving by plane can also utilize strollers in the vicinity of the departure gates until they have collected their baggage.
•    There is no time restriction on stroller rental. Passengers can access the baby carriage service 24/7.
•    As the availability of baby strollers is limited, it may be somewhat challenging to find one, especially during peak hours.
•    The complimentary stroller service alleviates families from the burden of carrying additional loads, enabling them to enjoy a more comfortable time at the airport with their babies.
•    In case of any issues with the strollers, passengers can seek assistance from airport staff at the information kiosks.

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Other Services Offered to Families with Babies at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport not only provides complimentary strollers for families but also offers various services aimed at enhancing the comfort of families during their flight experience. For instance, there are baby care rooms equipped to meet infants' needs. Additionally, amenities such as play areas, stroller parking zones, baby food warming service, mother-child parking facilities, and baby changing rooms are available to ensure families with infants have a comfortable stay. Istanbul Airport strives to provide all necessary comforts for families with babies, allowing them to wait for their flights and navigate through the boarding and landing processes with ease.

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