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11 August 2020
Theme Parks to Visit with Children (the European Side)

If you wish to spend some quality time with your family when the weekend comes, theme parks might just be the right option for you. There are several theme parks with different themes in various districts, but this article is all about the family-friendly theme parks on the European Side. Have fun!  

1- İsfanbul Theme Park – Alibeyköy

Once Vialand, now İsfanbul. Offering great options for those seeking quality family time on the weekends, İsfanbul holds the secret of a great day with its street fair games, open air concerts, a shopping center with dozens of brands, and entertaining theme parks.

Jungle Istanbul invites you into its magical forest with an exotic zoo, safari concept, and fear tunnels built on 5000 m2 ground within the theme park.                      

2- Sea Life Aquarium – Bayrampaşa

The “Sea Life” concept you can find on almost all continents of the Earth is an underwater life park that contains the widest spectrum of sea creatures and the largest space capacity in Istanbul among all other underwater parks. It is one of the most popular theme parks you can visit with your kid to have some quality time while also learning new information about sea creatures. 

You can explore this magical world with glass-floored boats or discover the secret world of sea creatures in ocean tanks. You can even swim with sharks if you are brave enough as a family! 

3- Moi Park – İkitelli

Moi Park is one of the most entertaining and largest theme parks both for families and adults. You can have fun and race in sports games, experience several emotions at the same time in fear and laughter tunnels, or feel the adrenaline to its fullest with fırfır. 

You can also feel nostalgic with the bumper cars in the amusement park within. We suggest visiting the park for several weekends to fully experience it.

4- Babalu Park – Başakşehir

This theme park in Başakşehir was especially built for children between the ages of 1 to 12. The main goal of the games is to help children socialize and reduce their on-screen time for a while. Security is top priority, so your children can play safely. As a criterion, your child would need to wear anti-skid socks with silicone grips. You can bring those from home or obtain a pair at Babalu.