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11 August 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 15 July 2022

If you want to spend quality and good time with your family on the weekend, theme parks are for you. There are parks with different concepts in different districts, but today we have compiled the theme parks on the European Side that you can go to as a family. Have fun in advance!

Vialand 1

1- Isfanbul Theme Park, Alibeykoy

Once upon a time, Vialand now appears before us with its new name İsfanbul. Offering excellent options for those who want to have a fun time with their family at the weekend, İsfanbul aims to provide you with a wonderful day with fair games, open-air concerts, a shopping mall hosting dozens of brands and fun playgrounds for the purpose of establishment.
Jungle Istanbul, which also has a different concept within the theme park, invites you to its magical forest with its exotic zoo, safari concept and horror tunnels, built on an area of ​​5000m².                    

2- Sea Life Aquarium – Bayrampaşa

The Sea Life concept, which you can find in almost every continent of the world, is the underwater life park with the largest sea creatures and ground capacity in Istanbul on behalf of the underwater world. It is one of the most beautiful theme parks you and your child can go to to have fun and learn new information about sea creatures.

In this magical world, you can go on an expedition in glass-bottomed boats or discover the hidden world of fish in ocean tanks. You can even swim with sharks if you're brave as a family!

3- Moi Park – İkitelli

Moi Park is one of the fun and big theme parks for both families and adults. You can have fun and compete with the sports games it contains, experience more than one emotion at the same time with the tunnels of fear and laughter, or you can feel the adrenaline in every second with the frills.

You can also experience the nostalgia of cars colliding with the concept of the amusement park inside. Our suggestion is to spread your time here over a few weeks and go. Thus, you will catch all the opportunities and enjoy them to the fullest.

4- Babalu Park – Başakşehir

Established for children in Başakşehir, this theme park is a place suitable for children between the ages of 1-12. The main purpose of the games is for your child to socialize with other children and spend time away from screen games. Security measures have been taken very carefully. Therefore, you can bring your child to play with peace of mind. Children should wear non-slip silicone socks while playing in this fun place. You can bring these socks from home or get them from Babalu.

5- Pirate Island Theme Park, Tuzla

The Pirate Island Theme Park in Tuzla is located inside the Istanbul Viaport Marina. The first theme park on the Anatolian Side includes game rooms, a movie theater, bowling and a large underwater aquarium. It also has one of the fifth largest roller coasters in Europe; redfire. This theme park, which will be loved by adrenaline lovers and entertainment seekers, is worth seeing.

6- Legoland Discovery Centre, Bayrampaşa

Located in Bayrampaşa Forum Istanbul AVM, this theme park is a place that children love very much. Because, as you can understand from the name, this place belongs to the world of legos. Your children will improve their visual memory by examining the lego shapes made here, and they will reinforce their motor skills by combining the lego pieces. In this educational and entertaining center, there are 4D cinema, themed playgrounds and workshops. Various events are also held here. For example, you can celebrate your child's birthday in this park because they organize special events for his birthday. How about taking part in fun sections such as Lego Factory, Kingdom Adventure Laser Game, Lego Store, Lego Fire Academy, Lego Construction Site?

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