30 July 2020
“Tasty” Places around Munich

German towns are known for their unique characteristics. Hamburg is a dynamic trade town, while Frankfurt has the grayness of a financial center and Berlin is moving and cosmopolite. Munich on the other hand is a town that combines liveliness and calmness despite its unreachable and “cold” outlook. Gastronomy is one of its most dynamic areas. Munich is the city with most Michelin-star restaurants in the world.  Desserts are what Munich’s cuisine is most assertive about. The city is a tasty stop with traditional desserts, gelato ice-creams, light & vegan recipes, and chocolate-dipped specialties. Here are some examples:                                                   

Konditorei Kaffee Schneller

If you are in the city center and looking for a local place not crowded with tourists, you don’t need to look too far. Loved by Munich’s locals for the best Bavarian dishes as well as global flavors, this place is one of the first places a local friend will recommend. This small cafe in the university district near the Englischer Garten is a full-on Munich native with Bavarian desserts like käsekuchen (cheesecakes), tarts, and coffee appetizers. The hardest part is to choose what you will eat.


If you want to combine the cultural side of Munich (represented by the poet Rilke and the painter Kandinsky) with its rich gastronomy and have a dessert after a nice meal, Ruffini is just the place for you. Located in the heart of the city, this venue is a cultural center established as a cooperative by several artists. It also serves latest dishes, vegan alternatives, home-made desserts, fresh coffees, and nice wines. Representing the best side of Munich’s cosmopolite structure, the venue hosts concerts, classes, and interviews.

Vits der Kaffee

If you want to try first-class desserts with first-class coffee, welcome to Vits der Kaffee. The smell in this place will enchant you with its hand-made desserts and freshly roasted coffees. Imagine that you have just left the world’s largest technology and science museum (Deutsches Museum) and craving a coffee and a delicious butter croissant, maybe an apple or walnut cake and chocolate on top while seeing the Isar River on the East and the Englischer Garten on the North. Vits der Kaffee can provide you all in a cozy venue bringing the locals and the tourists together. We suggest you stop by Literatur Moths, one of Munich’s best boutique bookstores after Vits der Kaffee.


Munich’s foundations go back to the beginning of the 19th Century and Viktualienmarkt, the city’s most prominent delicacies market, is where Munich’s gastronomy heart beats. If you want to have an abundance of alternatives and try different delicacies, this is the right place for you. New York Times writer and food critic Mimi Sheraton listed Viktualienmarkt among the “places worth crossing an ocean for”. This market will tell you a lot about the local tastes and habits. You can find many desserts from Australian apple strudel to Bavarian specialties, chocolate sauces cakes, and Portugal-native desserts. It is a feast not only for your stomach but also for your eyes.