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8 April 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 3 August 2022

You worked hard the whole semester and passed the classes. You feel the tiredness of a whole period and you want to get rid of this tiredness while you are on holiday. All students think like that, right? You may have different holiday plans, such as a cultural or nature holiday. You may want to gain different experiences to improve yourself, and you may aim to establish new friendships. Here, we have determined a few places for you to travel around the world so that you can socialize and see new places. Prepare your hotel reservations and flight tickets. Because we're going on a little trip. If you're ready, let's start.

1- Czechia / Prague

Prague is one of the richest cities both historically and architecturally. During the winter, you can visit the Christmas Market and buy souvenirs for your family and friends. Even if you walk the streets of Prague doing nothing, you will be fascinated and impressed by the scenery. You can have fun and enjoy the atmosphere while skating on the open-air ice rinks, one of the best opportunities Prague has to offer. The city where the students prefer to go considering the welfare level of the country will also make you very happy. You can visit places such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Franz Kafka Museum, Petrin Hill, especially the Old Town Square.

2- Italy

Everyone should visit Italy at least once before they die!
Italy may be one of the best options for a winter holiday because the temperatures are quite high during the winter, but do not forget to bring your thick coat with you. Italy hosts fewer tourists during the winter than in the summer. This means that you can visit museums without waiting in line and with less crowds. Although Italy is not a country to visit in a few days, let us explain to you where you should go first to make good use of your time. Starting from cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Murano, you can end your trip by landing on the shores of Italy.

3- England / London

London's winter time looks like a fairy tale from the outside. If you're lucky enough to visit in the winter, be sure to catch the special Christmas lights as you shop and browse the streets of London. London would also be a great choice for Harry Potter fans. You can see the filming locations with your own eyes and enjoy the real fascination. As we mentioned, London is a fairy tale in winter and if you want to experience this tale, it is definitely one of the places you should go and see.

4- Spain

How easy it is to make friends in Spain! – George Orwell
For those who do not like the freezing winter cold, Spain will be the best option. Since it is a Mediterranean country, temperatures remain warmer during the winter than in other European countries. Winter months are known as festive months for Spain. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival, which lasts for 2 weeks every year, is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Spain is also among the countries famous for its cuisine, so you should definitely try its famous tapas and street food when you go. Our favorites were the Croquettes and Gambas a la plancha.

5- Netherlands / Amsterdam

Those who are not afraid of the cold should definitely visit Amsterdam as soon as possible. The average temperatures during the winter may be below zero, but if you come fully prepared with your coat, gloves and hat, you can enjoy the city without getting cold. Like many cities, Amsterdam also has a glamorous festival of lights in the streets in winter. Therefore, you may encounter many of these festivals while navigating on the road. At the same time, you can buy "I Amsterdam" cards for your short winter holiday in Amsterdam, which attracts attention with its museums, and you can visit museums and public transport without paying too much.



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