10 August 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 October 2023
Small but Cute Nature Vacation Spots in Istanbul

Istanbul is an heavenly city with its districts, residents and content. It is the city of great entertainment and lifestyle for some, while the city of excellent careers with its cosmopolite structure for the rest. Sometimes, we are so lost in Istanbul’s chaotic order and its cosmopolite structure, we end up searching for a spot to breathe. However, we usually don’t have the financial means or the time to get away from the city, even just for a while. Just remember that Istanbul is a metropolitan city that harbors all beauties and we can find whatever we are looking for. There are many vacation possibilities surrounded with nature without leaving the borders of the city or right outside of it. You can visit these spots to create happy memories with your loved ones or on your own to spend some quality time alone. We searched for small but cute nature vacation spots close to the city to take a fresh breath. We only hope you find some time to enjoy them. 

1- Seyyah O - Şile

Seyyah O is a vacation spot, urging us to live like travelers while emphasizing the temporariness of this Earth based upon Nordic philosophies like Friluftsliv and Lagom. We discovered them with their video explaining the Tiny House concept on YouTube. We guarantee that you will feel refreshed in these Tiny Houses surrounded by nature with a “less is more” understanding. These Tiny House concepted vacation spot in Şile is open for renting on AirBnB. You can stay for at least two nights. Houses have 17 m2 but don’t let that scare you; it is a comfy place with running hot water, a separate bedroom, and a nice kitchen. Its garden and veranda outside will help you forget everything and relax for a while. 

2- Cansu Tatil Köyü – Maşukiye 

Cansu Tatil Köyü is a cute holiday resort with bungalows and wooden houses in Maşukiye, Kocaeli. A spot surrounded with nature but not too far away from the technologies or facilitations of the city life. For example, you can choose to heat up your home with a fireplace or with natural gas. It is a facility on 18 decares of land that provides services all year round. The facility has horseback riding, bike renting, atv renting, parkour, and zipline activities. Per night prices include bed and breakfast, while dinners are served a ’la carte. If you plan a vacation with your family, they also provide daycare services. You can visit the facility without staying there. 

3- Sapanca Sahil Bungalov @sapancasahilbungalow

We are here with another bungalow concept vacation spot: Sapanca Sahil Bungalov. The facility is located on the seaside in Sapanca, just 100 meters from the beach. It has an extremely cute atmosphere with triangular bungalows. Bungalows have a TV, a mini bar, a kettle and a mezzanine bedroom to explore new experiences. This peaceful and cute facility surrounded with nature serves breakfast for two without charge.  Each bungalow has its own gazebo in its front yard, so that you don’t have to spend all your time inside and enjoy a chat outdoors.

4- Butik Evler Sapanca

We are here with another Sapanca suggestion. Tiny House concept is getting more popular in Turkey and new facilities are opening every day to offer this concept. Butik Evler is among those. The facility is 3 minutes away from Sapanca lake by car (10 minutes on foot). You will find everything you need in the Tiny Houses. Houses are heated via A/C and Wi-Fi is free of charge. Furthermore, there is a cute system to let you watch movies from a projector. There is hot running water for shower. There is also a working space if you need to get some work done; houses are available for home-office. You can also smoke inside. 

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