30 October 2020
Recommendations to Capture your Vacation in Beautiful Memories via your Cell Phone Camera

Take photographs and make your memories unforgettable!

The developing technologies enabled us to take photographs easier than ever with our cell phones. Social media platforms became a triggering factor to take and share splendid photos. Most of us already started looking for new destinations and concepts for photos. A vacation can be the perfect opportunity for taking photos, because you will have a lot of free time on your hands. If you want to remember your vacation with beautiful photographs, here are some photography tips for you. 

Create fashionable combinations

Try to create two or three fashionable combinations that you think will look beautiful in a photo before your vacation. Colorful or minimal combinations will always make your photos look more attractive. If you want to have more options for photos, remember to take “removable” accessories like cardigans, hats, and eyeglasses. This way, you can create more options without the need to change your clothes. 


Look out for photographable scenes

The background is one of the most important elements for beautiful photographs. We suggest you search for places and sceneries other people take photos of and share on Instagram before your vacation.  You can use Instagram to search for the photographable cute locations at your destination. You will also have an idea about where to see and visit during your vacation.

Adjust the light

You don’t have to dwell upon lighting because you are not aiming for a professional photoshoot, but at least avoid having the sun in the background while taking a photo. Also, you can touch your phone’s screen to adjust the light and brightness for a better photograph. 

Clean your lenses

No matter where you go for a vacation, your phone lenses will most likely get dirty. Even if you don’t do anything extreme, carrying your phone around will leave fingerprints and spots on your lenses. These spots will result in a dark, blurry and an unprofessional photo. Try cleaning your lenses with a micro-fiber cloth; you will see the immediate change in photograph quality. 

Learn how to edit your photos

You don’t have to be an expert on Photoshop to perfectly edit your photographs. There are many free photo-editing mobile apps. You can find the best one for you. For example, some apps are designed for photo-filtering and shooting while some are better for light-adjusting and others are best for beauty touch-ups and details. All you need to do is to find the best application that fits your needs for remarkable memories!