30 October 2020
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Do you know that you can take a professional camera quality photos with a phone camera? After finding the beautiful and right angle and adjusting the light, you can take great photos with your phone. There are some tricks you just need to know.

Take Photos and Make Your Memories Unforgettable!

With the development of technology, it has become easy to take photos with our phones. Social media platforms have been a trigger for us to take and share beautiful photos. Many of us have started looking for new travel destinations and concepts to take photos. Going on vacation can be the perfect opportunity to take photos. Because when you go on vacation, you discover a lot of places worth viewing. Even if you see photography as a hobby, you can do it like a pro. After finding the beautiful and right angle and adjusting the light, you can take great photos with your phone. If you want to remember your holiday with beautiful photos, here are some photography tips.

Dress Beautifully to Enhance the Aesthetics in Photos.

Before you go on vacation, bring a few clothes that you think will look good in photos and that you love. Colorful or minimal combinations always make your photos look more attractive. Also, if you want to have more photo options, bring "easy-to-remove" clothes or accessories such as cardigans, hats, glasses on vacation. This way, you can create more photo options without the need for different outfits. It is also very important that you dress according to the environment you are in. If you are at a beach, hats, bikinis and slippers will save you. If you are in a museum, you may prefer plain and simple pieces. By paying attention to small details like this, you can create great photos.


Choose Your Photo Location Well.

The background is one of the most important foundations for your photos to come out beautiful. That's why we recommend that you look at the places where other people mostly take pictures on Instagram or the internet before you go on vacation. If you are an active user of social media, you can also share these photos with the people you love. If you don't like being in popular places and photographing them, you can explore other places. Thus, you can create the routes you need to visit and see for your holiday. Your photos will be just as beautiful if the holiday destinations you choose are places where you can both have fun and remember them well. Remember, photos always take you back to that moment. That's why your choice of venue is very important.

Adjust The Light.

Since you will not be shooting professionally, you do not need to think too much about the light issue, but at least you can take pictures by avoiding the sun behind you when taking pictures. For example; You can adjust the brightness settings to get better quality photos from your phone. If you are going to shoot at night, you can use your flash or color your surroundings with lighting devices.

Clean Your Lenses.

Wherever you go on vacation, your phone's lenses will always be dirty. Even if you do nothing, constantly carrying a phone in your hand will cause fingerprints and scratches on the lenses. Because of these deformations, it is very possible for your photos to come out dark, blurry and unprofessional. For this reason, try cleaning your phone lenses with micro-fiber fabrics, you will see that the quality of the phone will change instantly. You can also buy special cases and use protective bags for when you won't be able to hold your phone in your hand.

Learn How To Edit Your Photos.

You don't need to be a Photoshop expert for perfectly edited photos. There are many free photo editing applications that we can download to our phones. You can search and find the one that suits you best. For example, some apps are designed for filtering and capturing photos, some are good at adjusting lighting, and some are used specifically for beauty and detailing. Whether your phone is Android or iOS, you can download all paid and free photo editing apps from digital stores. All you have to do to take perfect photos is to do a little research in these stores and download the application that best suits your needs. If you do not want to use these applications, you can also get training from institutions that provide photoshop training. In addition to the online trainings you can find on the internet, you can also evaluate the training opportunities offered by the municipalities. And here are the photos that you will remember well when you look at them!

If you want to take your hobby of taking photos with a phone camera one step further or to progress towards becoming a professional travel photographer, be sure to check out our article on the Shooting Equipment You Can Carry While Traveling

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