30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 October 2023
A Small But Efficient Concept: Tiny House

The concept of “Tiny House”, the rising trend of the recent days is a new movement preferred by those who wish to spend some time alone. This trend represents a current towards a tiny and simple lifestyle for humans, both in architectural and social senses. In our busy daily lives, we can only spend time in nature in small parks or coastal regions. At that point, Tiny Houses are our escape routes. 

There are some philosophies to support and explain this trend. For example, Friluftsliv (meaning “free air life”) is a Nordic tradition from Scandinavia, which redirects people into nature and suggests communicating with nature.   The tradition asserts the positive effects of quietness, calmness and cleanliness on human nature and says that people should adopt “free air life” as an idea of life. Nordic people who adopted this philosophy built small houses on top of hills and mountains and stayed in those houses to spend some time on their own in nature, away from all human contact. 

Another philosophy is Lagom. Lagom is a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount”, no less or no more. It is known to be an idea of life currently re-adopted in Scandinavian countries. It emphasizes to live life to its fullest but without needing too much earthly possessions. From your household appliances to what you want to do in life, it aims “just the right amount” of everything in your life.

The most practical feature of Tiny Houses is that they can be moved anywhere with the platform and wheels beneath them, so that you can build a life for yourself anytime, anywhere. Today, Tiny House concept means high-modern small but efficient houses. The 15 m2 house can be large enough for you, just as much as the 50 m2 house; so, don’t focus on the square meters, but focus on the practicality and quality of the house. 

Tiny House concept also offers many changes for our lives. The main benefits and changes it will provide can be listed as: 

1- Freedom

2- A simpler life

3- Sustainability and decrease in carbon emission

4- A aesthetical life

5- Profit 

6- Time 

7- Social connections

This trend, which is already immensely popular in the world, was recently introduced in Turkey becoming more popular each day. People living in large cities already tend to prefer the Tiny Houses located 1-2 hours from the city, where they can spend some time on their own.

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