1 June 2023

Do you know where you can have a barbecue, one of the most enjoyable activities in the spring months, in Istanbul? Do you want to enjoy a barbecue in a clean, convenient, decent, and natural place? Then you are in the right place to resolve the question marks in your mind. We have compiled the most beautiful barbecue places in Istanbul for you. Come on, let's decide where to have a barbecue together...

Stella Polonezköy

When it comes to picnics, Stella Polenezköy undoubtedly comes to mind first. In this context, the place called Stella, which has quite a lot of visitors, is a cozy countryside place where you can have breakfast with your loved ones and enjoy your barbecue in a lush green garden. However, this place, which is mostly preferred by families with children, is in Istanbul in a unique nature and accompanied by birds chirping. In this context, Stella, which is one of the most beautiful places that will make your day enjoyable away from the chaos of the city, is a perfect place for barbecue lovers. Moreover, your charcoal is lit by the staff beforehand. So, you only must cook the meat.

In addition to all this, this place is located very close to Polonezköy Nature Park. At the same time, there are gazebos arranged at regular intervals under different fruit trees in the garden, hammocks where you can relax after the barbecue, and various playgrounds for your children. So, if you are looking for a barbecue place in Istanbul, Stella is the place for you.

Mangal-1Şelale Piknik Yeri

The next place we are going to talk about is a place with lots of greenery and natural wonders. At this point, the Şelale Piknik Yeri, located in the north of Istanbul, is home to unique and unique places with sparse and green tones as far as the eye can see. In this context, Beykoz and its ridges offer a very pleasant environment for hiking and cycling activities, as well as for picnics and barbecues. At the same time, Cumhuriyet Village, which is located at a very convenient and easy point of transportation from every region of Istanbul, has many alternatives in this regard.


In addition to all these, this unique picnic area, which is on the left after leaving Cumhuriyet Village on the way to Polonezköy Nature Park, offers a clean breakfast and barbecue opportunity in nature, very suitable for families with children. In this context, if you want to have unforgettable moments with your loved ones and accumulate beautiful memories, you can choose Şelale Piknik Yeri.

Lalezar Aile Piknik Yeri

Our next stop is a magnificent route where families often prefer and enjoy the barbecue. Would you like to be alone with a unique nature at this point and enjoy a weekend barbecue in a decent and clean family environment? Then let's take you to Lalezar Aile Piknik Yeri. It is a very pleasant green place where you can have breakfast and enjoy a barbecue at noon. On the other hand, since it is alcohol-free, it is one of the most preferred places for families with children. At the same time, this place is run by a lovely family and welcomes new visitors. In addition to all this, Lalezar Aile Piknik Yeri, which is built on a large garden area by the river, offers a free environment to its visitors thanks to its covered pergolas.

In this context, both those who want to make a change and get away from the noise of the city and those who want to accumulate good memories by enjoying barbecue prefer Lalezar Aile Piknik Yeri.


Elmasburnu Recreation Area

We have come up with a suggestion for a place that you will never want to go back to. At this point, imagine a unique route that is one of the two main destinations for those who do not want to leave Istanbul during the summer months. The first of these is known as Şile and Ağva coasts, and the second is known as the Riva sides. At this point, Elmasburnu Nature Park is a unique place where you can both swim in the sea with cool water and have a picnic. In Riva, known as one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul, you will be mesmerized by the deep blues of the Black Sea and enjoy the day thanks to its lush natural landscapes.

Based on all this, many people prefer the Elmasburnu promenade area for a nice and pleasant barbecue. On the other hand, since it is both decent and clean and natural wonder, this place, which is often preferred for families with children, has been in high demand recently.


Göknarlık Recreation Area

Our next and last stop is the Göknarlık Recreation Area. At this point, Göknarlık recreation area, which takes its name from Göknar trees, should undoubtedly be the first choice of nature lovers. On the other hand, this recreation area, located in Tokatköy town of Beykoz, is home to an area of 47 hectares on average. One of the most important features of this place is that it is very close to Tokatköy town. Therefore, you can meet all your needs in a very short time from the city center. At the same time, you should also try the Göknarlık Recreation Area, which is frequently preferred for its clean environment.

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