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16 February 2024

Bruges, the city of dreams nestled in the northwest of Belgium, is an ideal destination for those seeking a fairy tale vacation. So much so, you can stumble upon a piece of history in nearly every corner of the city. From its cobblestone streets to its picturesque canals, from its centuries-old architectural marvels to its museums, this city offers a complete adventure. Whether it's a romantic escapade with your significant other or a delightful journey with friends, Bruges has countless reasons to visit. Here are the must-see attractions in Bruges:


Places to Visit in Bruges

Market Square

This square, the pulsating heart of the city, will leave you in awe from the moment you arrive. Surrounded by historic buildings, guilds, quaint shops, and structures, it's a sight to behold. The 12th-century Belfry Bell Tower is one of the first landmarks to capture your attention. You can ascend its 366 steps for a bird's eye view of the city and capture stunning photos.

Groeninge Museum

Home to masterpieces by renowned artists such as Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling, this museum showcases some of the most significant Flemish artworks. It's a must-visit, especially for art enthusiasts. However, be sure to check the opening hours before planning your visit.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

Dating back to prehistoric times and believed to house the relic of Jesus Christ's blood in a holy grail, this basilica is an essential stop on your itinerary. Steeped in history, it holds immense significance for the Christian community.



If you're traveling with a loved one, Minnewater should be high on your list. Also known as the "Lake of Love," it's one of the most romantic and enchanting spots in the city. Take a leisurely stroll by the lake, feed the swans, and capture moments to cherish forever.

Bruges Town Hall

A stunning example of Gothic architecture, this town hall has stood the test of time, enduring from centuries past to the present day. The sculptures adorning its façade are breathtakingly beautiful. If you have a penchant for historical landmarks, make sure to include this iconic building on your itinerary.


As we mentioned, Bruges exudes romance at every turn. Every street is a picturesque delight, but Rozenhoedkaai holds a special place as one of the city's favorite promenades. Situated along the Dijver canal, it offers some of the most stunning vistas in Bruges. Don't forget to bring your camera along to capture the beauty of this street.

brugge çarşı


One of the city's most significant churches, the Church of Our Lady is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and houses impressive historical monuments open to visitors. As the largest church in Bruges, this Gothic marvel garners attention from tourists worldwide. Be sure to include this grand, historical church on your list of places to see.


Sint-Janshospitaal, the oldest hospital in the city, dates back to the 12th century and has a very impressive appearance. Today, it is open to the public and you can easily visit it as it is used as a museum. It is one of the landmarks of the city.


The historical mansion Gruuthusemuseum, which has survived for centuries, belonged to one of the rich families of the time. This 15th century mansion is now open as a museum and you can visit it. 

What Else to Do in Bruges?

Brugge is a very famous European city with its historical heritage. Here you have many alternatives not only to visit historical places but also to have a different, fun time. Some of these are as follows:

Join the Canal Tour

Kanal turu

You can join the boat tours and explore the most special parts of the city by boat. These tours, which you can join at any time of the day, allow you to see a much wider part of the city through the canal.

Visit the Chocolate Shops

Bruges is also an interesting place with its lovely chocolate shops. So much so that you can find Belgium's world famous chocolates in these shops. It is possible to encounter these shops in almost every part of the city. 

Take a City Tour by Horse Carriage

There are also horse-drawn carriage tours for tourists. These are both fun and practical for those who want to tour the city. You can easily see horse-drawn carriages in different corners of the city.

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Buy Souvenirs from Souvenir Shops

You will see many souvenir shops in the city. Here you can find handmade products, lace shawls, scarves, tablecloths, trinkets, small souvenirs and different types of clothing. If you want to buy something souvenir before leaving the country, do not complete your trip without stopping by these shops. 

When to Go to Bruges?

Brugge is a city where every season is beautiful. However, it usually receives more visitors in spring and summer. It should be said that the city turns into a complete fairground during Christmas. If your calendar fits, we recommend you to go during Christmas. 

Where to Stay in Bruges?

Bruges is a small city that offers accommodation options for every budget. For this reason, with a little research, you can find places that are both comfortable and cost-effective. Since rental hotels, apartments and hostels are usually close to the center, you can easily visit the city on foot. 

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