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3 February 2022

While taking photos was once a hobby of a much more restricted segment, it became one of the activities that most people love, with smartphones becoming more common and everyone getting into their pockets. Of course, the effects of social networking sites such as Instagram on making this activity so popular are indisputable. It is a fact that new filters and new applications that are developed every day also make us feel like a photographer. Is that a bad thing? On the contrary, it is up to us to focus more on this hobby, which allows us to look at the city we live in in a different way, to improve ourselves and turn the photographs we take into a work of art. Especially in a city like İstanbul.

İstanbul is a city admired by the whole world, with its own unique layout in all its uneven appearance, hiding many beauties that know how to look and see. A street you pass by, an old-time building, a cat sheltering in the bookstore window, seagulls flying over fishing stalls for a piece of fish... Not to mention the beauty of the Bosphorus and the grandeur of historical buildings. As a result, almost all of İstanbul's neighborhoods become really unique funds for your photos. İn this guide, which is a few reminders for those who are just beginning to develop this passion, we have compiled the most photogenic points of İstanbul in order to inspire you a little.

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Otağtepe, also known as Fatih Grove in Beykoz district of İstanbul, is perfectly located for photographing the unique bosphorus view of İstanbul. Otağtepe, where you will have unique photos at any time of the day, has a pond, stone bridge, hiking paths and viewing terraces next to the bosphorus view.

Galata Streets

Galata streets are a place where you can fit the narrow streets of Istanbul, which reflects the nostalgic cobbled neighborhood culture, and galata tower, one of the landmarks of the city, in your photos. We recommend that you walk down İstiklal Street to galata streets, where every point is a separate photo frame, and photograph the busiest and most prominent points of the city.

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İstiklal Street

When talking about the most photogenic points of İstanbul, it would not be to skip İstiklal Street. İstiklal Street, which is one of the busiest and most crowded points of metropolitan city İstanbul, creates postcard squares of the city with its nostalgic tram, street artists, nostalgic buildings and shops. Every corner of İstiklal Street is a separate photography subject. The Flower Passage, St. Antuan Church, colorful Algerian Street, Egypt Apartment will impress in your photos.

Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti, named after the French writer Julien Viaud, who came to Istanbul in 1876 and settled here and is known for coming to a country house on this hill, offers you a unique view of the Golden Horn with its peak. You can use the cable car and take the city under your feet when you go up the hill, which dominates Istanbul from a different angle and attracts visitors with its beautifully eye-catching view.

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Kadıköy is undoubtedly one of the most colorful places in the city. It is one of the most photogenic points of the city with its colorful streets, glittering shops, nostalgic buildings, cats that you will come across in every street corner. The colorful stairs right next to Kayıkhane Cafe, located on the Moda seaside, are one of the points frequented by photo lovers. Haydarpaşa Station, Fenerbahçe Park, Bahariye Street, which stands out with its nostalgic tram, colorful bazaar and almost every street of Kadıköy will add color to your photo archive.

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The Largest of İstanbul's islands, known as the Prince Islands, the Büyükada is home to unique beauty in every season (especially spring months). Aya Yorgi Church, located on the hill of Aya Yorgi, one of the highlights of the island, is worth a visit and a place in your photo archive. A great view of İstanbul is waiting for you on the hill. There are also exquisite mansions to photograph on the island and a Greek Orphanage, a large wooden structure that has not been used for many years.

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If you want to take a closer look at the Bosphorus, your stop should definitely be Ortaköy. Imagine such a photo frame that it includes the historical Ortaköy Mosque, the Bosphorus bridge, the ferries from the landmarks of İstanbul, seagulls if you are lucky... If you want to catch the sunrise in Ortaköy, the sun rises a little to the left of the Bosphorus bridge and after a while the sunlight hits the Ortaköy Mosque. As a result, when you capture it at a good angle, it is possible to get extremely impressive photos.

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Karaköy district, which was an important port of the city during the Ottoman period, is probably one of the fastest changing places in the face of Istanbul in the last decade. The neighborhood, where third generation coffee shops and traditional restaurants intertwine, is especially popular with university students. With its buildings reminiscent of the streets of the Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate, Ceceyan Khan, one of the important buildings built by the Levantens, and the streets of a European city, Historic Banks Street will add meaning to your trip to Karaköy and help you capture frames that will make your Instagram festive.

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