26 July 2023

A student passport is an essential international document required for traveling abroad, and it's issued by authorized agencies. To obtain a student passport, you'll need to visit the relevant population directorate. This document is mandatory for students who wish to travel abroad for educational or training purposes.

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What Category does a Student Passport Belong to?

There are six types of passports based on their purpose. These include the Burgundy Color General Passport, the Green Color Special Passport, the Gray Color Service Passport, the Black Color Diplomatic Passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Pink Color Temporary Passport issued by Foreign Representatives, and the Passport for Foreigners issued by the General Directorate of Migration Management. The student passport falls under the Burgundy Color General Passport category.

Required Documents for a Student Passport Application

To apply for a student passport, you'll need the following documents: your T.R. identity card, a biometric photograph taken within the last six months, and an identity card or temporary identity document. If your legal representatives are not present during the application, you may need additional documents, such as consent forms for minors, old passports (if applicable), and any required fees. The fee for the passport must be paid prior to the application, and you can check the payment details in the system. There's no need to provide a physical receipt during the application process.

For student passport applications without a tuition fee, a "Student Certificate" is required. If your student status is verified in the system during the application, you won't need to provide any additional documents.

Student Passport Fee

Just like regular passports, you can apply for a student passport through the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs at or by scheduling an appointment at the Call Center (Alo 199). In 2023, the fee for obtaining a student passport is $501, and it's waived from the usual charges. Keep in mind that fees for other types of passports, such as Special and Service Stamped Passports, vary based on the passport's validity period. For example, a 6-month passport costs $1,535, while a passport valid for 4 to 10 years costs $5,444. However, you don't have to worry about these fees when getting a student passport.

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Which Countries Can I Travel to with a Student Passport?

With a student passport, you can enter and exit visa-free countries without any additional visa requirements. In simpler terms, you can visit the same countries as someone with a regular burgundy passport. However, if you plan to travel to EU countries or countries that require a Schengen visa, you must obtain a Schengen visa specifically for your student passport. Some of the countries that you can visit exclusively with a student passport include Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Morocco, Georgia, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia, Jordan, Venezuela, Chile, Panama, and Peru.

Student Visa Duration

A student visa also has a specific duration, typically until the end of the student's studies. For instance, students over the age of 18 can obtain a visa that lasts until the age of 25, or they can opt for a visa that covers the remaining duration of their studies. For example, if a student has 1 year left until the completion of their studies, they can only obtain a visa for 1 year. In other words, if the student is 24 years old, they can only get a visa for 1 year, while if they are 19 years old, they can get a visa for 6 years without any fees.

Advantages of Obtaining a Student Passport

First and foremost, unlike Special and Service Stamped Passports, there are no fees associated with student passports. This means substantial financial savings. Whether you're enrolling in a language course or pursuing university education, having a student passport at your disposal will prove highly advantageous. There's nothing more enriching for a young individual than immersing oneself in different cultures and forging new friendships. Exploring fresh destinations at a young age fosters a willingness to embrace new opportunities.

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Processing Time for Student Passport Issuance

The processing time for all passport types typically ranges from 5 to 7 days. International applications are usually completed within 7 to 10 days. After the specified timeframes, all passports are delivered to the applicants via PTT.

Importance of Traveling for Students

For students and young people, traveling and experiencing new countries is genuinely inspiring. Immersing in diverse cultures, hearing unfamiliar languages, and witnessing unique places can create unforgettable memories. Train journeys, visiting historical sites, and meeting new people can broaden one's perspectives and spark fresh ideas during youth. In fact, a student might develop a profound connection with a particular country or city, exploring various options to stay, study, or work there. Hence, obtaining a student passport and embarking on journeys to discover new cultures and countries profoundly impacts a young person's life

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