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30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 October 2023
Meanings and Stories of Flags
1-Republic of Turkey

The Turkish flag was adopted during Abdulmecit’s reign in 1844 and was legalized as the national flag of the Republic of Turkey on May 29, 1936.  As for the meaning, the flag represents the losses the country sustained.  The red color that forms the basis are for the martyrs and the blood they spilt. The tale is that a puddle of blood is formed around the Turkish martyrs of the First Battle of Kosovo and the moon and a star forms the current image of the Turkish flag. 

2- United Kingdom

As understood from its name, it is a flag formed from the flags of many smaller kingdoms. It represents different Kingdom States like England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales under a single flag. The cross in the middle is derived from the English flag and known as St. George’s Cross.

The dark blue, red, and white flag that symbolizes the United Kingdom in its current form with a St. George’s Cross in the middle represents the 13 states. 

3-French Flag

Having adopted various flags throughout history, the French flag consists of blue, white, and red respectively. The story of the flag goes back to the French Revolution. The colors on the flag represent the gains of the Revolution.

Blue: The freedom, independence, and liberalism of the Revolution.

White: The equality, peace, and populism within the Revolution

Red: The blood, war, courage, and nationalism during the Revolution. 

4-Swiss Flag

The Swiss Flag is one of the two square flags in the world. The red in the background represents power, belief, and trust. The white cross in the middle indicates a state that is religiously wealthy. We must say that as a country, they represent peace and democracy.

5-Irish Flag

The green, white, and orange flag represents a religious symbol. The green color symbolizes Catholics, orange color symbolizes Protestants and the white in the middle represents the peaceful life the two communities maintain together. 

6-German Flag

The flag consists of horizontal layers of black, red and gold. Its story goes back to the Napoleonic Wars in 1813. Lützow, having military challenges back during the time, decides to form a unit consisting of mainly college students. The uniforms given to these soldiers are painted in black from head to toe, due to financial incapability. Red marks under the gold buttons cannot be painted and are left red. This is how the current German flag was created. 

7- Belgium Flag

The flag was adopted after the war against Austria was won and they gained their independence in 1792. Its colors are black, yellow and red. The colors represent the lions of the cities. For example,

Black: The black lion of the Flamber city,

Yellow: The golden lion of the Blavha city,

Red: The red lion of the Luxembourg city.

The colors were horizontal at the beginning but were rearranged in a vertical order in 1831 with an inspiration from the French flag.

8-Russian Flag

Russian flag consists of horizontal white, blue and red layers. The colors represent the Slavic union as a whole. White symbolizes sincerity and generosity; blue symbolizes genuineness and wisdom; and red represents courage. 

9-Flag of New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand carries the symbol of the United Kingdom. The symbol of the United Kingdom is located on the upper left side. On the right side are four pentagonal stars with white fine lines. The blueness of the background represents the seas and sky, symbolizing the richness of their geographical location.

10-Chinese Flag 

There are five stars on the Chinese flag, four out of them being small and one large. The large star represents the Communist Party of China while the small stars represent the public. The red on the background represents the revolution, the regime. 

11-United States of America

The American flag consists of 13 horizontal white and red lines with 50 stars within a rectangle on the upper left side. The 13 lines represent the 13 colonies that rejected the United Kingdom and found the United States of America. 50 stars within the blue rectangle represent the 50 states forming the current USA. 

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