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29 April 2023

Today, we are here to tell you about Adana, the hidden treasure of southern Turkiye, where you will both eat and visit and where you will roast under the sun in the summer. Adana’s cuisine is like a feast where spices dance, and meat reigns supreme. It is also a city that fascinates with its historical texture, natural beauty, and cultural richness. Let’s move on to our article on ancient cities, bridges, lakes, kebabs, and desserts without making you wait too long. We wish you a good reading.

Adana's Most Famous Symbol: Taşköprü

Adana Taşköprü is a unique bridge that reflects the spirit of the city and shines like a treasure hidden in the depths of history. Taşköprü, which has become the symbol of the city, connects the Seyhan and Yüreğir sides. Its history dates back almost 19 centuries before today. The bridge was built in the 2nd century by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, nicknamed “Little Greece.”  Today, the bridge is one of Adana's most popular and touristic places. It insists on taking its curious visitors on a historical journey. Even while stepping on the Byzantine plaster and rubble stones between the cut stones, it’s impossible not to have a small historical journey. We are sure that every Adanese must have at least one memory here.


A Legendary Monument: The Great Clock

Witnesses of history, clock towers have become the number one symbols of the cities they are located in. As in Izmir, Bilecik, Çorum, Çanakkale, Kastamonu, and many more. It is also possible to see this in a city like Adana, which has been home to ancient and ancient civilizations. This magnificent structure in the heart of the city was built during the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. One of the best examples of Turkish-Islamic architecture and art, it is 30 meters long. This is one of the indispensable stops for history, architecture, and art lovers in this city. The traces of the past, culture, and art of the region around the tower have been restored and have taken their place again as an important attraction center in the region. We think the souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes are just for you. Because in this environment you can relax and explore the surroundings.

The City’s Pearl of Modern Architecture: Sabancı Central Mosque

A unique modern structure with six minarets piercing the sky. One of the largest mosques in the Balkans and the Middle East, the Sabancı Central Mosque, with its fascinating architecture and enormous dimensions, seems to have descended to earth like a gift from the sky. The mosque, which has been shining light on Adana for a quarter of a century, was built in 3 years on an area of 52 thousand square meters. Turkiye’s largest dome is here. It stands in front of you with a diameter of exactly 51 meters. The mosque also serves as a cultural center. Its library, exhibition halls, and conference halls offer visitors different activities. When you visit, you will feel both in a spiritual atmosphere and an impressive architectural masterpiece. He is also an Adanese.

sabancı merkez cami

Adana’s Legendary Defense Structure: Yilankale

Rising in the hot lands of Adana, Yılankale Castle has witnessed many battles throughout history and managed to survive with its strong structure. With its nine centuries of life, it has become a symbol of this unique city. Many battles were fought here, battles were fought, and blood was shed. Arrows pierced bodies; swords severed heads. All in defense of this unique and ancient city. As you get closer to the castle, you are mesmerized by the resolute and strong stance of the massive stone walls. It is quite possible to feel yourself in the middle of ancient battles. This majestic castle with its lace-like body walls is also known as Şahmeran Castle by the locals.

Roman Traces in Adana: Anavarza Ancient City

Lost in the depths of history, the ancient city of Anavarza continues to fascinate its visitors with a past full of secrets and a mystical atmosphere. You are breathing the same air as the Anavarzans who lived thousands of years ago, who passed through the streets here and begged their god in the ruined temples. Imagine a stadium where soccer is played today. The ancient theater of the city, which has as much capacity as this 21st-century stadium, is really worth seeing. With a capacity of 30 thousand people, it is quite impressive to learn that apart from the plays staged in this theater, there were also Gladiator games. In the stone seat of the theater where you are sitting right now, 2000 years ago, an Anavarzan would have lost himself while watching two phenomena swinging swords at each other and shedding blood. The ruins of the castle on the hill above the ancient city have a spectacular view and provide visitors with unforgettable memories. But the most important thing is undoubtedly the unique natural beauty and scenery of this abandoned settlement, with its heritage and traces of civilization. It is obvious that the people of Anavarza had good taste.


Natural Paradise in the Heart of the City: Central Park

It is the perfect escape for those who want to escape both the chaos of the city and the oven-like heat of the summer months and take a breath of fresh air in nature. Located right in the heart of Adana, Central Park is spread over a large area of 6 hectares and is undoubtedly home to some very successful landscaping. One of the most impressive features of the park is the pond and waterfall. In addition, the Ottoman houses in the park offer visitors the opportunity to take a historical journey. Merkez Park invites you to have an unforgettable experience in Adana with its natural and cultural richness and wide range of activities. This place offers you fresh Mediterranean air after the spicy Adana kebab you have feasted on. We recommend it.

adana merkez park

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