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19 January 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 July 2022

There is a village far away in the depths of İzmir, and in that village there is a facility with lots of lavender, lots of olives, and that does not harm the nature. Here is that facility: Vadi Alaçatı! If you are looking for a place to relax and immerse yourself in nature, Vadi Alaçatı is the place for you. You can go with your family, with your loved ones or alone and renew you in thousands of trees, Vadi Alaçatı has won hearts with its different features. In addition to the beauties of İzmir, Vadi Alaçatı and its service are spoken among people these days. Are you ready to review this hotel in Çeşme? Let's start.

Vadi Alacati – Izmir/Alacati

In Alaçatı, there is an ecological facility established on an area of ​​200 decares in 2015. Its founder, Bülent Özcan, is one of the founders of Turkey's first software company. During his working time, he dreamed of a place that would take him away from the work environment and help him relax. Entrepreneur Bülent Özcan has realized this dream for those who have been working day and night for 5 years and think like him.

In this facility where you will wake up to lavender and olive groves; An environment where you can go for nature walks, feed the chickens, pick tomatoes and peppers from the field will be waiting for you. If you wish, you can experience this experience alone, or you can create an environment where you can establish very good friendships. The rooms are designed as capsule rooms, which we are familiar with from Japanese culture, but consist of very large and useful bungalow rooms. They can host 40-50 guests in the facility. Rooms are for a maximum of 4 people. all rooms


The meals at the facility are completely organic, they serve a unique breakfast with vegetables and fruits of their own production. The prices are also quite affordable, don't worry. There is an à la carte restaurant for dinner. So you can eat whatever you want. Vadi Alaçatı, which draws attention with its ecological feature, does not use market products as food and produces its own drinking water. As you can see, this is a place that highly values organic production. With more than 9000 olive trees on 200 decares of land, the facility has the largest plantation in Alaçatı. You are free to collect seasonal vegetables and herbs directly from the garden during your stay, there are no restrictions or prohibitions.


Lavenders are another special aspect of the facility. Thousands of lavender as a medicinal aromatic plant has been grown in Vadi Alaçatı since the first day. In addition, the facility obtains its heating and hot water from solar energy, so it does not create a carbon footprint. Thus, Vadi Alaçatı serves as an environmentally friendly facility.

As one of the activities, there is an open-air cinema option, which was very popular in the old times. Here, you can turn a specially prepared dinner for you into a sweet date with your spouse or lover. We also recommend that you be prepared for special surprises.

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