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19 January 2021
An Ecological Lavender Hotel in Alaçatı: Vadi Alaçatı

There is a distant village in the depths of İzmir and that village is the home to an ecological facility with lavenders and olives: Vadi Alaçatı! If you are looking for a place to rest your head and spend some time in nature, Vadi Alaçatı is the right place for you. As a location to visit with your family or loved ones and be refreshed among thousands of trees, Vadi Alaçatı won us over. 

• Vadi Alaçatı – İzmir/Alaçatı

There is an ecological facility on 20 thousand hectares in Alaçatı opened in 2015. Its founder, Bülent Özcan, is also the founder of one of the first-ever software companies in Turkey and during his professional life, all he dreamt about was a place to get away from corporate life and rest. The entrepreneur Bülent Özcan worked day and night for five years and realized his dream for all other like-minded people. 

This facility, in which you will wake up to lavender and olive gardens, will greet you with an environment fit for nature hikes, chicken feeding, and collecting tomatoes and peppers from the gardens. You can experience this exquisite experience on your own or create new friendships while you are there. The rooms are designed as capsule rooms, which we mostly see in Japanese culture, but they are also rather spacious and practical bungalows. They can host 40-50 guests at a time in the facility. Maximum of 4 guests can stay in a room. All rooms have a view of sea, lavender garden, olive garden, and a sky of many stars. 


All foods in the facility are organic and their own production. Prices are breakfast included. There is an A la Carte restaurant for dinners. Prominent for being ecological, Vadi Alaçatı does not use any grocery store products; they even produce their own drinking water. There are over 9000 olive trees on 20 thousand hectares. The facility has the largest plantation in Alaçatı. You are free to pick any vegetables and herbs in season directly from the gardens during your visit.


Lavender garden is another special feature of the facility; Vadi Alaçatı has been growing thousands of lavenders from the beginning, which are used as medical aromatic plants. The facility also obtains heating and hot water via solar power. This way, the facility becomes able to serve as an environment-friendly facility with zero carbon footprint.

As a much-loved activity of the past, open-air cinema is one of the many activities in the facility. You can transform a dinner into a cute date prepared just for you and your significant other. We also suggest you prepare yourself for special surprises.

There is also a pool for swimmers. You can also participate in special activities if you wish to try surfing. If you like getting lost in nature and enjoying fresh air, we suggest you give Vadi Alaçatı a chance.