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8 February 2021
Do Not Stay Inside in Cold Weather

Even though spending time at home is preferable during cold weathers, staying inside for long periods of time can be boring. So, we listed the 5 best options for winter activities.

1. Unique İstanbul 

It hosts Turkey’s largest open-air ice rink named Unique Winter Tales. You will feel like you are living a fairy tale on this ice rink in the forest. You can go for private lessons if you want. Get ready to enjoy some winter fun in 40-minutes sessions between 10.00 - 22.00 hours. You can pre-purchase tickets from the box office. 

2. Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium is one of the absolute best places to spend time in with your friends without feeling the cold in winter. It is possible to observe thousands of fish species and enjoy the atmosphere. The aquarium is an interesting place for local and foreign visitors and is a perfect spot to spend time. There is also an artificial rainforest in the aquarium, which is home to several species specific to tropical climates. 


3. Istanbul Modern Art Museum

We suggest visiting an art museum to spend quality time on a relaxing day. Istanbul Modern was opened in 2004 and since then, it has been hosting interdisciplinary events as our country’s first modern and contemporary art museum. Events are generally interesting, instagrammable, and educational. Whether alone or with a friend, you will feel the entertaining and cultural aspects of art at the same time. 

4. Ortaköy

Visiting Ortaköy in the winter is a perfect choice to get some fresh air in and calmly watch Istanbul’s beauties. Watching the city on the piers that blend Istanbul’s sea with the bridge scenery will be healing for your soul. There are many seaside coffeeshops to visit when you want to warm up; you can sip your tea while warming up and enjoying the relaxing scenery in Ortaköy.

5. The Galata Tower

Offering an unmatched bird’s eye view of the unique Istanbul sceneries like the Bosporus and Haliç, the Galata Tower is a must-see attraction for cold weathers. Having many legends about it, the tower is also a significant place for lovers. According to a legend, lovers who climb the tower together will marry and live happily ever after. This is why it might be the first winter activity in lovers’ minds. There are also many coffeeshops, restaurants and interesting stores around Galata. With a rather easy access, the tower is waiting for you with all its glory.