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30 July 2020
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Let’s thoroughly analyze the precautions in London Heathrow Airport against Covid-19

During the normalization process after Covid-19, each country and their airports started taking their own precautions. To be on the safe side during normalization processes, there are numerous precautions taken in airports, closed spaces, and transportation vehicles. London Heathrow is one of the airports to take several precautions in their own terms. We strongly suggest you read this article if you are to depart from or land in London Heathrow Airport. 

1. Mask Usage and Social Distancing

Everybody older than 11 must wear a mask while in the airport. You can also wear one of the white medical suits if you like, but they can ask you to undress the suits at security checks. If your mask is torn or lost, the airport regularly gives away masks to passengers and employees. 

Social distancing is another important precaution in the airport. You are expected to abide by the social distancing rule while walking in the airport or waiting in line. There are signs on the floor to remind you of this rule. There are also social distancing teams in the airport to warn you if you do not abide by the rules. 

2. Cleaning and Hygiene

Cleaning and disinfection is at topmost level within the airport. There are 600 hand sanitizers all around the airport. Because hand sanitizers are used frequently, if you ever detect one that is finished, you are only expected to inform the authorities to refill the sanitizer. Since surface cleaning is also especially important, cleaning workers regularly clean all surfaces with disinfectants. 

New cleaning technologies like UV sterilization are developed for trays at security checks.

3. Restaurants & Stores

Some of the restaurants are open as of 22.06.2020, but lounges are still not open for service. You can check their website for which restaurants to visit. Stores were opened on 01.07.2020. If you are thinking about using an exchange office at the airport, we suggest you do that beforehand because exchange offices at the airport are still closed. 

We should emphasize that payments at the airport can be done via credit card or contactless cards. 

4. Isolated Spaces

Until further notice, Terminals 3 and 4 are closed. Planes only land in Terminals 2 and 5. There are medical attendants and isolation spaces in the airport. Risky passengers are examined in these spaces and immediately isolated from other passengers.

5. Greeting and Seeing Off

Even though greeting and seeing off a passenger is important to us, they are currently not allowed at Heathrow Airport. 

6. Temperature Screening

The airport is trying out new technologies for further precautions. One of these technologies is the screens located in Terminals 2 and 5. These screens are used to measure the body temperatures of the passengers. Passengers with higher temperatures are not allowed in the airport.

Airports are doing everything they can from the most traditional precaution to the newest technologies to protect their passengers and employees. We listed some of the precautions taken at Heathrow Airport, which is one of the most important airports in the world. We suggest you visit the airport’s website for current updates on precautions.

Have a safe flight!

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