25 July 2021

One of the most distinguishing aspects of Greece, which is the center of attention with its history, culture, cuisine, and many other features, is undoubtedly its entertainment culture. In this context, we come across Athens taverns that guarantee both delicious appetizers and a pleasant time. Now let’s dig into the popular and equally enjoyable taverns, the center of entertaining Greek nights. 



Klimataria: Located in a small square, close to the central market, Klimataria is one of the most enjoyable places that appeal to both the city’s locals and many foreign tourists. With its live music accompanying its delicious meals and its loving staff, Klimataria is at your service to bring the warmth of Greek culture to everyone. For those who want to spend a pleasant time with delicious Greek delicacies during their trip to Athens, this place is one of the places that should be on the list.

Kebabzidiko Kyr Aristos: You can spend time with the locals of Athens in this place, close to the city center. It can be difficult from time to time to find a place in the usually busy place. On the other hand, this warm tavern where traditional Greek delicacies and pleasant conversations mix with laughter is worth the wait. Fresh produce and high-quality meats are combined to create exquisite dishes with influences from Asia Minor. It’s the kind of tavern you’ll gladly return to the next day to try other tempting options on the menu. This tavern, which is one of the pleasant options for dinner on a trip to Athens, takes its place in our article about Athens’s pleasant and popular taverns.

O Kapetanios: When it comes to Athens, it is impossible not to mention delicious seafood. One of the addresses of delicious seafood is O Kapetanios. Visitors can experience traditional Greek fishing in O Kapetanios, which means captain. You get the chance to experience a real Greek night while confirming why Greek food is healthy and popular at O Kapetanios.

Psaras: Once a favorite of movie stars like Brigitte Bardot, Psaras is full of Athenians despite being in the touristy district of Plaka. This stems from the authentic Greek cuisine served on the whitewashed stairs leading up to the Acropolis, accompanied by live music almost every evening. Psaras is one of the ideal options for those who want to experience the pleasant harmony of delicious Greek appetizers and live music.



Margaro: Famous for its fresh mullet, which dominates its modern menu, Margaro is located in Piraeus, the city’s port. Preserving the atmosphere of a traditional Greek tavern, this place has a unique air and elegance with its colorful tablecloths, giant feta cheese salads, and hot crusty delicacies.

Thanasis: One of the cornerstones of modern Greek cuisine is souvlaki. Offering the Greek version of this famous kebab, Thanasis is considered one of the popular taverns of Athens. Grilled pork, salad fries, and warm pita are accompanied by ice-cold beer. For all this and more, Thanasis awaits its visitors.