8 August 2021

Athens, the capital of Greece, is one of the cities to live in with all the natural beauties of the Aegean, as well as its historical and cultural beauties. Reflecting the unique texture of ancient Greece, Athens takes both the locals and the many tourists who visit every year on a journey through history. So, how much does it cost to live in this wonderful city?


The estimated monthly cost of four in Athens is TL 21,662 (€2,156), excluding the rent. Estimated monthly costs for a single person are TL 6,240 (€621), excluding the rent. For 85 square meters flat in Athens (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, and Garbage), costs are around €141.81. Internet (60 Mbps or above, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) costs €32.83. This is the monthly expenses for utilities: A meal at an affordable restaurant in Athens costs €10.00. The price of a 3-course meal for two in a middle-class restaurant is €40.00. McMeal (or equivalent combo meal) at McDonald’s €6.00. Local beer (0.5-liter drafty) costs €4.00.

Sports and leisure expenses in Athens are as follows: Fitness Club, monthly fee for 1 adult, is €26.82. Tennis Court rental is €18.72 for 1 hour on the weekend. At the cinema, an international broadcast is €7.50 per seat. Childcare costs in Athens are also substantial. Preschool (or kindergarten), full-time, private education costs €413.08 per month for 1 child. International primary school costs €7,330.00 per year for 1 child. 

Let’s talk about clothing costs. 1 pair of jeans (Levi’s 501 or similar) costs €69.31. 1 summer dress in a chain store (Zara, H&M, ...) is €28.15. 1 pair of Nike running shoes (middle class) is €70.73. 1 pair of men’s leather work shoes costs €86.29.

An apartment (1 bedroom) in the city center in Athens costs €411.56 per month. Rent for 1 bedroom flat outside the center is €364.61 per month. The monthly rent of a 3 bedroom flat in the city center is €734.42. The rent of a 3-bedroom apartment outside the center is €663.33. Those who want to buy an apartment in the city center should pay €1,679.53 per square meter. For those who want to buy an apartment outside the city center, this price is €1,696.88 per square meter.

The one-way ticket price on public transport in Athens is €1.40. The monthly price is €30.00. The departure price of the taxis is €3.40 as the normal fare. Gasoline costs €1.51 per liter in Athens. When we look at the vehicle prices, the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (or equivalent new car) price is €20.000. Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97kW Comfort (or an equivalent new car) costs €18,997.60. Living costs in Athens are generally around such prices. 


Finally, let’s mention the salaries in the city. The average net monthly wage in Athens is €807.58 after tax. Athens can be said to be an expensive European city in general. On the other hand, those who can adjust their budget according to the expensiveness of this city should give the unique capital a chance.