19 October 2021

When the name of the country of Belgium comes to mind, the smell and taste of magnificent chocolate come to mind in the first place. What a fall… Belgium is known as one of the best chocolate producers in the world after Praline chocolate discovered in 1912. Let's take a tour in the footsteps of the country's sweetest chocolate. How would you like to experience a chocolate adventure in the homeland of chocolate?


History of Belgian Chocolate

The first signs of chocolate shopping were discovered in the city of Ghent in the 1630s when the abbot of the Baudeloo Abbey church bought chocolate. At that time, chocolate was used mostly for the purpose of selling it as a tonic to apothecaries. By the 1800s, Belgian chocolate manufacturer Berwaerts sold the first pressed chocolate tablets, lozenges, and shaped forms. Around this time, famous chocolate manufacturers such as Neuhaus, Cote d'Or, and Callebaut were established and became increasingly growing companies. The spread of chocolate was realized when Cote d'Or company advertised chocolate with a big campaign at the Brussels World Fair in 1958. Thus, chocolate has gained international fame.

The Taste Secret of Belgian Chocolate

Experts predict that the secret of Belgian chocolate is based on the quality of the cocoa butter used in it and the fine and balanced taste that emerges. In 2003, European Union legislation allowed the use of up to 5% vegetable oil in chocolate, with the exception of cocoa butter. Despite this, chocolate producers in Belgium, who do not compromise on quality, continue to use 100% cocoa butter, but this additional additive is considered a loss of quality in chocolate production.

Famous Belgian Chocolate Makers Tour

Everything has tourism, but what about chocolate? Be prepared to witness the birth of chocolate when you come to the homeland of chocolate. There is everything from chocolate tastings to chocolate factory tours with local tour operators in Belgium. Let's take a look at the different experiences that will leave you with a taste.

The Cocoa Story: Bruges Chocolate Museum

Get ready to witness the history of chocolate making, from the Aztecs and Mayans to today's modern chocolatiers, in this museum. More than 1000 chocolate objects and magnificent chocolate-tasting feasts welcome curious visitors to the 15th-century Bruges Chocolate Museum.


A Unique Experience: Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Chocolate Workshop

Check out the Belgian cuisine while visiting the important square of the city, such as the Grand Place, the old market district with Art Nouveau art. While touring the old antique shops in the area where the Jeanneken Pis statue is located, you can enjoy tasting Belgian pralines from the country's oldest chocolate shop at the same time.

An Authentic Experience: Brussels Chocolate Workshop

You can also learn how lovely Belgian chocolates are made on this tour, with a workshop of approximately two and a half hours. In this workshop, where more than 30 chocolate samples such as chocolate discs filled with pralines and dried fruits can be made, you can take your creations to your loved ones or enjoy them with a magnificent hot chocolate.

An Exceptional Chocolate Tasting Tour with a Trained Chocolate Expert in Brussels

Taste and discover chocolate like never before. The tour starts at Grand Place, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. While listening to historical information, start tasting at Belgium's most famous chocolate makers, who bring the macarons to the country with their mouth-watering flavors. In the meantime, let's not forget that every tasting will be accompanied by a passionate chocolatier who explains how you will taste each chocolate and the differences between the best and the rest. The world of chocolate awaits its lovers in Belgium.

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