17 May 2021
  1. La Mar

The luxurious Peruvian restaurant, located in the Mandarin Oriental region and having one of the most beautiful views of Miami, with its wide veranda overlooking the Biscayne Bay and the Miami city skyline, is among the first choices of those who want to dine in the open air. Chaufa Aeropuerto, a variety of fresh fish, scrambled cheese, potatoes, and rice, isa famous dish on the menu.

  1. Juvia

Featuring award-winning architecture, Juvia is located on the top floor of the 1111 Lincoln Road building. Offering outdoor and indoor dining, the restaurant offers the best Asian and Latin delicacies of the region with stunning views. Buttered Chinese sea bass and crab with asparagus are just some of these flavors.

  1. Makoto

The restaurant, where famous chef Makoto Okuwa exhibited examples of modern Japanese food, is located in the Bal Harbor Store. Makoto, whose sushi is said to be the best sushi in Miami, is relatively expensive compared to many restaurants.

  1. The Surf Club

One of Miami’s most popular restaurants, The Surf Club, with its menu adorned with items of nostalgic American cuisine and a retro-style decorated with 1950s style, is highly appreciated for its wide selection of wines.


  1. Taquiza

If you like Mexican food, Taquiza, where the best tacos in Miami are served, will probably be one of your most frequent destinations. Located in North Beach, this beachfront restaurant is also famous for the beauty of handmade cornbread and puffy tortillas.

  1. L’atelier de Joel Robuchon

The restaurant, where famous chef Joel Robuchon had one of the best known fine-dining experiences, is preferred, especially for invitations and important meals. Le Boeuf, a pumpkin tart with caramelized quail, foie gras, and caramelized onions, is among the restaurant’s most famous dishes.

  1. Forte deiMarmi

In the south of the fifth region, the restaurant, where those who want to eat first-class Italian food prepared by Michelin-starred chefs flock to it every day of the week, has a dim ambiance illuminated by candles. The most preferred flavors on the menu are Florentine-style T-bone steak, red shrimp tagliolini (a spaghetti-like pasta type), and mushroom fettuccine.

  1. Phuc Yea

Located in the historical MiMo region and one of the favorite restaurants of the young generation with its industrial decoration, the restaurant is famous for offering menus that are a mixture of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and modern cuisine. Especially Viet-Cajun style fried chicken and parmesan cheese noodles are among the most preferred dishes. The restaurant turns into a lively bar setting as it offers discounts on drink prices in the evening.

  1. Boia De

Although it is a small restaurant in a shopping center, it is full at all hours of the day thanks to the creative and delicious dishes on its menu. Especially the crispy potatoes with stracciatella (a creamy Italian cheese) and caviar are among the most preferred snacks beside the regional wines of the restaurant.

  1. Leku

In Leku, which is an exquisite restaurant within the Rubbell Museum, attention is paid to the taste of the plates as well as to the eye. The restaurant, which has a very eclectic menu with olive oil caviar, beet tartare, and ham crackers, welcomes its customers in its always-breezy garden, especially in fine weather.