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9 September 2022

The island of Samos is located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, in the north of the Dodecanese archipelago, near the coast of Asia Minor. Known as the birthplace of artists and scientists such as Pythagoras and the philosopher Epicurus, who invented his famous theorem here, Samos is the closest to Turkey. It is a Greek island. Pamper yourself with a holiday on Samos Island, with its waterfalls, wetlands, vast vineyards, authentic villages and incredible beaches!

Samos is a beautiful island located in the eastern Aegean just over a kilometer from the Turkish coast. Today Samos is a favorite tourist destination, thanks to its secluded coves and pebbly and fine sand beaches that stretch into the nearby bush, waiting to be explored.


When to Go?

The best time to go to Samos is between April and October when the temperature is ideal for swimming. July and August are very busy months. Samos' spectacular landscape is influenced by the Mediterranean climate, with its breezes, dry summers, and mild and rainy winters. July and August are the most popular months among vacationers: temperatures reach 35 degrees Celsius, even as high as 40 degrees Celsius. During these months, the sea is warm and crowded, and prices are slightly higher. Crowds of tourists leave the island as temperatures drop in September and October. During the winter months on Samos Island, although the temperatures are always pleasant, it rains a lot due to the island's high mountains that cover the clouds over its territory. From the first half of May to the first half of June, temperatures begin to rise.


Must See Places

Located in the northeastern part of the island, Vathi is the most lively and touristic area. Small shops, taverns here will fill your days, while the Archaeological Museum will allow you to discover the ancient and glorious history of the island. Vathi For those visiting Samos City or Vathio, this is the island's capital and has beautiful buildings, fancy shops and important museums, including the Samos Archaeological Museum.

The town of Pythagorion is located in a horseshoe-shaped cove on the south coast, not far from Samos airport, and is a favorite stop for tourists. The historic city of Pythagorion is Samos main tourist destination and overlooks the interior of the Gulf of Tigani along the island's south coast. Its harbor is very beautiful and surrounded by taverns, cafes and luxury boats. In the side streets of the village, you can find an authentic and wonderful atmosphere. Ireo, the most important archaeological site on the island, is located near Pythagorion. Ireo is Samos' most important archaeological site and features the magnificent Unesco-protected Temple of Hera.


If you are looking for a Greece full of tranquility and authenticity, the village of Manolates is for you. Considered one of the most spectacular of the Greek islands, the village is located on the northern coast of Samos, between Karlovasi and Kokkari, one kilometer from the Nightingale Valley, and is famous for its wine production and beautiful scenery. Kokkari is a picturesque village with typical white houses. A wonderful village to stay along the north coast, Kokkari is a quaint fishing village with a unique atmosphere and excellent beaches nearby. The tourist resort, the third largest city of Samos, has several small bars, cafes and traditional taverns. Karlovasi is the second largest city of Samos and is located in the northwestern part of the island, near Potami beach, 32 kilometers from Vathi.

The villages of Paraskevi, Stavrinides and Votsalakia are also charming, ideal for those who enjoy a quiet holiday.

There are more than a thousand churches, monasteries and chapels on Samos Island, almost all of which are characterized by blue domes and white or stone walls. On Samos Island, chapels were built in a barren land, far from the island center and villages, so a life was lived purely and completely devoted to religion. The island is an architectural mix of Neo-Classical palaces, Venetian palaces, white houses and Byzantine churches. It has narrow, winding streets that add a warm and inviting touch to the entire landscape.


 The island is covered with lush vegetation surrounding coves washed by crystal clear blue waters, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Don't miss the beaches of Tsamadou, Lemonakia and Kokkari, located on the north coast of the island, between the capital and the town of Karlovasi. Hilly and green, Samos is full of beaches and has many coves. Samos has many noteworthy beaches, as well as the coves on the north coast, which surfers love, and the coves of Vathi and Pythagorion. We've selected some of the many beaches we recommend you visit!

Beaches Not to Miss


The beautiful Tsamadou bay is located on the north coast of Samos, about 3 km from the village of Kokkari and 14 km from Vathi. Remember that this place is usually more suitable for nudists.


The wild and wonderful Potami beach is located on the north coast of Samos. Spacious and quiet, it is one of the beaches not to be missed.

Psili Ammos

The beautiful beach of Psili Ammos is a long stretch of fine sand on the south coast of Samos, not far from Pythagorion and Vathi.


The small beach of Lemonakia is located on the north coast of Samos, not far from the village of Kokkari.


What to Eat on Samos Island

Samos' economy is heavily based on tourism and gastronomy plays a very important role. The main agricultural products are honey, olive oil, figs, citrus fruits, olives and almonds. Samos is also influenced by the flavors of Asia Minor in its gastronomy and often surprises visitors with unexpected combinations of ingredients. Samos olive trees grow on the rocky soils and valleys of the island, and the rich aromas from the Samian soil give this oil a subtle flavor. We recommend tasting delicious dishes of fresh fish in one of the taverns in Karlovasi, Ormos Marathokambos, Vathi and Pythagorion, but do not forget that the food cooked all over the island is of excellent quality.

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