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21 January 2021
6 Reasons to Visit Budapest
1- Architecture

Budapest has many radiant architectural structures from Ottoman hammams, thermal pools, metro stations blending with modern art, and many more. You can see the reminiscences of Gothic & Neo-Gothic style in all the structures as you walk around the city. It is possible to see the differences in post-renaissance architectural structures, the symmetry of the buildings, their proportions, and the aesthetics with naked eyes. Reminders of Turkish architecture is also quite common in Budapest, especially in spas or hammams. 

2- In Touch with Nature

Seeing the elements of natural life in a city is an important factor for the visibility of that city. Budapest’s natural beauties can exceedingly meet that demand. Start with the beautiful Danube separating Buda and Pest, take a tour around Margaret Island, and enjoy natural life parks in Budapest. 

3- Foods

Hungarian cuisine is rich for the eyes and belly. It has many famous and rich recipes. Must-try foods in Budapest include Paprikás (uniquely filled and sauced paprika peppers), Gulyás/Goulash (the most famous national dish), Halászlé (a fish soup with paprika), and Lángos (a version of Turkish “pişi” dough).  


4- Relaxing Hot Springs

Budapest is quite rich in hot underground water resources. Their hot springs culture go back to the days of the Roman Empire. So much so that these resources are why Budapest is called “the City of Hot Springs”. The most-known, largest and most popular thermal water source is Széchenyi Hot Springs. It was made in Neo-Baroque style. It is particularly famous for pool parties in the summer. Other famous thermal pools include Gellért Hot Springs, Király Hot Springs, Rudas Hot Springs, Dagaly Hot Springs, and Dandar Hot Springs. 

5- Festivals

Budapest is a city that hosts entertaining and colorful festivals (especially music festivals) all year round. Sziget is one of the most famous festivals in the city including various music genres. Another popular festival in town is the Telekom Volt that hosts many famous artists like Slipknot, Black Eyed Peas, Slash, LP, and Parov Stelar. We suggest looking for the festivals during your stay in town before you go. 

6- Night Life

As much as its beauties during the day, Budapest is also known for its fun and lively night life. The city will meet your entertainment needs with its colorful night life, high-quality night clubs and bars. You also must try the yacht and pool parties famous in Budapest.