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21 January 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 21 June 2023

1- Architecture

Budapest has many eye-catching architectural structures with its baths, thermal pools and metro stations established in Ottoman times. While walking in the city, you can clearly see the Gothic & Neo-Gothic atmosphere and the ruins in the architectures.

It is possible to observe the differences in the post-Renaissance architectures, the symmetry, proportions and aesthetics of the buildings while walking around the city. At the same time, the inspirations of Turkish architecture that you can see in the spa or baths are quite abundant in Budapest.

2- In Touch with Nature

Having a lot of natural life elements in a city is an important criterion for that city. Because it causes more domestic and foreign tourists to come. Budapest, on the other hand, has enough natural beauty to meet this demand. Although it is a city famous for its city life, its natural areas and parks are also quite famous. Start your tour with the Danube River that separates Buda and Pest, explore Margaret Island thoroughly and take a stroll through Budapest's wildlife parks. Thus, you will integrate with nature and rest your soul.

3- Foods

Hungarian cuisine has a food culture that satisfies both the eyes and the stomach, and there are quite rich recipes. When you go to Budapest, one of the flavors you should definitely eat is "Paprikas", stuffed paprika with sauce. Apart from that, Gulyas (Goulash), the most famous national dish of the region, is one of the dishes you should taste. This delicious recipe is actually a kind of juicy meat dish. Steak is cooked in wood fire by combining fresh vegetables and spices and is eaten with pleasure. If you want to eat fish instead of red meat, Halaszle is for you. This dish is a kind of spicy fish soup. Blended with freshwater fish and spices, they have created a magnificent soup, you must try it. Apart from these, there are many flavors you can taste in Budapest such as Langos, Töltött Kaposzta, Dobos Torta. Have fun right now.


4- Relaxing Hot Springs

Budapest is very rich in underground hot springs and its spa culture is a tradition that dates back to Roman times. So much so that these sources have earned Budapest the title of "The Spa City". The most well-known, large and popular thermal spring is the Széchenyi spa, built in the Neo-Baroque style. The city is also famous for its pool parties in summer. Other must-see thermal pools are Gellért Spa, Király Spa, Rudas Spa, Dagaly Spa and Dandar Spa.

5- Festivals

Budapest is a city that hosts many fun and colorful festivals throughout the year, especially music festivals. At the beginning of these festivals is Sziget, which has many music genres. The other most talked about festival throughout the year is the Telekom Volt Festival, where artists such as Slipknot, Black Eyed Peas, Slash, LP, Parov Stelar take the stage. If you don't want to miss these festivals, an advice from us; Before you go, research the dates of the festivals thoroughly and plan your trip accordingly.

6- Night Life

Budapest is a fun and lively city during the day as well as after sunset. Although it is less known than its rival cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​nightlife is quite common in Budapest. It is not possible to get bored at night in Budapest, especially with its venues known for its "ruin bar" concept, nightclubs, music festivals and Turkish bath parties. People prefer to drink their coffee during the day and sip their drinks with their friends in the evening, accompanied by light music. If you want to sit in such places, we have a few suggestions: ruin bars such as Szimple Kert, Instant, Fogas Haz, Doboz, For Sale Pub. If you say I want a classic nightclub. Then you can choose venues such as Ultimate Club, A38.


If you are a fan of The Witcher series, let's add a 7th item right here. If you want to look at Budapest, one of the locations where The Witcher was filmed, from this perspective, you can take a look at our article Where the Legendary Netflix Series The Witcher Was Filmed

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