11 September 2023

In today's digital age, finding directions is hardly a challenge anymore. Our trusty smartphones, which we always carry with us, have become our best navigational companions. In the past, we relied on paper maps or had to stop and ask someone for directions, which often took up a considerable amount of time. Nowadays, a simple click allows us to access the internet and effortlessly pinpoint our route using digital maps. We can even explore various alternative routes.

But what happens when we find ourselves without an internet connection or out of cellular range? This is where offline maps come to the rescue. Offline maps are applications that you can easily open and use when you're offline. Moreover, using them is incredibly straightforward.

How to Utilize Offline Maps?

To make the most of offline maps, you'll first need to download one or more map applications while you have an internet connection. After installing the application, select your route and download it onto your phone. This is a hassle-free process, and you must have internet access initially to set up offline mapping. Afterward, all you need to do is open the application, input your route, and download the map version that suits you best. So, which applications can you use for this purpose?

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Google Maps

Undoubtedly, the most popular mapping application is Google Maps. But did you know that you can also use Google Maps offline? To do this, start by logging into the Google Maps application. Once logged in, enter your desired destination in the search bar and hit the search button. A map of your destination will appear. Next, select your destination with your finger and choose the option for offline maps from the menu. Then, designate the area of your route and click on download. You've successfully downloaded the map, but does it work? Test it right away to avoid any issues on the road. Activate airplane mode on your phone, enter your destination again in the search field of the app, and you'll find your route, i.e., the map of your destination. It's as simple as that. Google Maps is a reliable application and excels in this aspect. Being one of the most widely used apps globally, you can trust it completely.


Another popular map application is Like Google Maps, is user-friendly when it comes to saving maps for offline use. The process is nearly identical to Google Maps, so you won't encounter any difficulties. While online, simply set your destination on the map and download it. In Google Maps, the selected area appears as a square, whereas in, it takes the shape of a map. This may be the only notable difference. also boasts additional features that make it appealing. You can search for specific places like cafes, restaurants, hotels, restrooms, shopping malls, and gas stations, among others, and easily save them. In other words, you can search for and save any place you can think of. If you've made a last-minute vacation plan and don't know the route, you can explore the region's popular spots in the application. You can conveniently select these locations, complete with user ratings. Similarly, you can access and save these places on your phone for offline use. The saved locations are highlighted in red within the app, so even when you're offline, you can quickly find your destination. If you prefer, you can also personalize your route names in the editing section.

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Yandex Maps is an app that many of us use regularly. The digital effects and visuals on Yandex navigation are quite impressive. You can also use Yandex navigation, but it has some limitations when it comes to finding specific regions or cities. That's why it's a good idea to check online beforehand to ensure that your destination is on the map.

Here We Go

Here We Go is another mapping application that you can use offline. When you're online, you can instantly access real-time traffic updates, directions, and road information. You can download maps for over 100 countries, which can be incredibly helpful when you're traveling abroad. In addition to standard city and street information, the app also provides walking paths, bicycle routes, and vehicle-specific navigation options. You can also view public transportation routes and download your chosen route. The application is easily accessible via any desktop browser. Once opened, you can mark points of interest and places you'd like to visit along your route. Data is saved in the "collections" section on your device, allowing you to access your location offline at any time.

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Covering more than 150 countries and available both online and offline, CityMaps2Go is an app that offers detailed location information. You can use the navigation feature or simply browse the map. Regardless of how many places you want to mark, you can save them to your phone by downloading the location maps. The application also allows synchronization between devices and is user-friendly. It comes with extra features like writing short reviews and creating plans. You can use the free version of the app, which offers detailed data such as real-time public transportation information, traffic conditions, and walking and cycling routes within the city or country you plan to visit. However, please note that the free version contains advertisements.

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