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7 June 2021
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One of the must-see places for travelers who want to explore the French Riviera is Nice. Offering all the sought-after beauties of a typical French atmosphere, Nice has features that can make visitors happy in all seasons. So where should our must-have routes in Nice trip be? Let's take a closer look at the 5 must-see places in Nice for those exploring the delightful harbor of the French Riviera.

Old town

One of the niches of many European cities is the OldTown districts. This is also true for the city of Nice. Filled with narrow streets and shops, this area is one of the most meaningful areas of Nice. In this sense, the starting point of the tour is the Cours Saleya square, where the famous flower and fruit market is set up. After you start your trip here, your next destination may be Rossetti Square, where you can visit the magnificent Réparate Cathedral, a church dedicated to Santa Reparata, the protector of the city.

Promenades Anglais

One of the most striking points of the city of Nice is the city's romantic coastline, the Promenadedes Anglais. Travelers who end up in Nice should definitely take a stroll along this unique coastline. Those who love walking, running and skating can spend pleasant hours on this 7 km long coastline from the port to the airport. Travelers will be able to see the symbolic structures of the city closely during their walk.

Nice Museums

After a pleasant walk along the coastline, you can visit the magnificent museums of Nice. So which museums are there? Here are the museums you should see in Nice:

Matisse Museum; It is one of the most visited museums in Nice, although it is located a little far from Old Nice and in the Cimiez district. The works of the impressionist painter Matisse are exhibited in the building, which dates back to the 17th century. Opened in 1963, the museum has 68 paintings, 218 prints, 95 photographs, 57 sculptures and 236 drawings. At the same time, it is possible to see objects, carpets, ceramics and documents belonging to the painter.

Marc Chagall Museum; Named after the famous painter Marc Chagall, the National Museum was born out of the need to find a safe place for the 17 canvases dedicated to the Bible, which the Belarusian artist donated to France in 1966. In this museum, you can see the collection of more than 1000 works of the artist. You can also examine the oil paintings on canvas, ceramics and tapestries made by the artist.

Palais Lascaris; It hosts more than 500 instruments. The building dates back to 1648 and thanks to recent renovations it has become a fine museum. Among the exhibits is an incredible collection of truly original musical instruments. This collection is known as the second most important collection in France after the Louvre Museum collection.

Parc de la Collinedu Chateau

One of the activities that will crown the trip to Nice is climbing the Parc de la Collinedu Château. Those who want to go here with a pleasant walk, and those who do not want to get tired can reach the summit by elevator. Reaching the top, visitors will find themselves in a unique 19-hectare park. You can walk in this area. If they wish, guests can enjoy the playgrounds with their children. In the area where you can explore the ruins of the cathedral and the castle, you can also just stop and watch the unique view of the city. You can also see Nice's unique coastline, Promenadedes Anglais, from this summit point.

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is a botanical and zoo park located near Nice Airport. On the 7-hectare site you will find a very high biodiversity of both fauna and flora, with aviaries, marsupials, hedgehogs, otters and a pond. The large greenhouse with several tropical climates, with a variety of bird specimens, including tropical plants and pink flamingos, is the highlight of the park. Phoenix Park also has a playground where children can spend time.


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