2 January 2023

Thai cuisine is delicious to some, spicy to some, and appetizing to others. Whatever flavor you seek, from the bitterest to the sweetest, this cuisine offers you more than enough. Let's take a nice tour of Thai cuisine with different and enjoyable flavors.

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Thailand's Most Famous: Pad Thai

Pad Thai is known as the national dish of Thailand. Pad Thai, which is among the most delicious dishes in the world, is made with products that are frequently used in Thai cuisine such as rice noodles, soybean sprouts, cashews, sweet hot and minus sauce, peanuts, shrimp and eggs. Aromas that are opposite to each other such as bitter, sour, spicy, salty and sweet, but are the backbone of Thai cuisine, are at the forefront of Pad Thai's popularity.

Spicy Shrimp Soup: Tom Yam Kung / Tom Yom Kung (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

Do not ask if there is chicken broth in the jumbo shrimps. This magnificent duo blends so well in Tom Yam Kung that you can't get enough of it. Tom Yam Kung, accompanied by delicious products such as mushrooms, scallions, fish sauce, lime, coriander leaves, comes out by boiling peeled shrimps with chicken broth. Tom Yam, a delicious and healing soup with the ingredients it contains, is indispensable for local people and tourists in Thailand.

Green Curry Chicken: Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai

There is also a very popular dish in the country. Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai is prepared with coconut milk, fish sauce, chicken breast, curry paste, chili pepper, lime leaves, garlic, boiled peas. The ingredients, which are sauteed with oil, are ready to be served and eaten by pouring basil and red pepper on them after cooking. Do not return from Thailand without eating green curry chicken and you should definitely enjoy this flavor.

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Starring Rice: Khao Phat Kung

Khao Phat Kung, which is prepared with rice, the material that Thais love very much, is the name of rice fried. In Thailand, which is already a cuisine where rice is often included, it is possible to come across rice in almost every meal. Khao Phat Kun is a delicious dish prepared with fried rice, garnished with chicken breast, cabbage, peas, carrots, fish sauce, onions and shrimps.

A Different Taste: Phat Kaphrao (Fried Meat with Basil)

Let's talk about different flavors. Thailand but no meat dishes? Phat Kaphrao, which can be made with different varieties, can also be prepared from alternatives such as chicken, fish, shrimp or red meat. In addition to these main ingredients, different spices such as indispensable garlic, sugar, fresh basil, lime, and hot pepper make the food delicious. One of the most popular Thai dishes, Phat Kaphrao is worth a try.

A Delicious Taste: Kaeng Phet Pet Yang (Roasted Duck with Curry Sauce)

One of Thailand's indispensable flavors and frequently used in kitchens, duck plays the leading role in Kaeng Phet Pet Yang. There is nothing wrong with the meal: it features fresh basil, curry and various Thai spices, garlic, hot pepper, lemongrass and roast duck cooked with different sauces.

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Flavor of the Salad: Yam Nua (Spicy Meat Salad)

Beyond the classic greens, there's a salad next. Yam Nua is a delicious Thai dish prepared with beef. In Yam Nua, where entrecote is at the forefront, there are products that add flavor to the salad such as fresh onions, cherry tomatoes, fish sauce, garlic, coriander and mint leaves, cucumbers and shallots.

Thai Street Flavors

As in some countries, when street tastes are mentioned in Thailand, it is necessary to pause for a moment because the street food culture in the country is highly developed. Thai desserts made with Indian milk, delicious and colorful ice creams, crepes made from different fruits, insect dishes in touristic areas, Pad Thai made with chicken or meat varieties, and Pad Thai prepared with meat and chicken. noodles, fish, chicken and meat grills, various Chinese fritters, various sausages are on the counters and are prepared and exhibited for the enthusiasts. In addition to all these, shrimp, sea snail, lobster and especially fried banana as dessert are among the flavors we encounter in Thailand when it comes to street delicacies.

Famous Thai Spices

When it comes to Thai food, not without mentioning the country's popular spices. Red curry, green curry, yellow curry, galangal, turmeric, ginger, coriander, garlic, lemongrass, and phrik khi nu, the Thai pot pepper known for its burning, come to the fore among the indispensable spices of Thailand, a country that loves spices.

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Points to be considered

In Thai cuisine, where cayenne pepper is used quite often, if you are not a hot lover, it would be logical to approach this issue sensitively when ordering or buying food. Because, after visiting a lot of places, it may not be nice to order the food you have just said for a viewing. In addition, when choosing street delicacies, it may be beneficial for your health to choose the points where the consumption is high. No foreign tourist wants to consume products that have been waiting on the counters or have lost their freshness. There are many delicious flavors to be discovered in Thai cuisine, which consists of a combination of cuisines such as China, India and the Middle East, with its hot and sweet. Especially if you are one of those who can never give up spicy flavors, Thai cuisine is just for you.

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