4 June 2024

Today, many public spaces offer a variety of amenities for pets. In the past, traveling with pets was a major hassle, much to the frustration of pet lovers. However, with increasing awareness and improved facilities, pet owners can now enjoy traveling with their furry friends with ease.

Many airports around the world, including those in our country, have updated their pet procedures, providing comfort and convenience for travelers. The number of amenities for pets at airports is steadily increasing. Istanbul Airport (IGA), with its pet-friendly practices and services, is often cited as an exemplary location. Tourists traveling to our country frequently express their satisfaction with these accommodations.

Similar to IGA Istanbul Airport, many other countries also have pet-friendly airports. The primary feature of these airports is a clean and hygienic environment, which minimizes the risk of pets contracting any illnesses, ensuring a safe travel environment. Additionally, staff at these airports are trained to handle pets appropriately and know how to interact with them.

Travelers intending to fly with their pets often research these airports in advance, choosing those that offer the best conditions for their furry companions. So, which countries have pet-friendly airports, and what kinds of services and facilities do they offer?

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Services Provided at Pet-Friendly Airports

Pet-friendly airports offer a range of essential services. These services may vary from one airport to another, but all aim to ensure a smooth process for travelers with pets. Key services that make airport experiences easier for pet-owning travelers include:

Pet Restrooms

One of the most common issues when traveling with pets is addressing their need to relieve themselves. Pet-friendly airports have made provisions for this by designing special restrooms for pets in designated areas of the airport. This ensures your pet can take care of their needs while you wait for your flight.

Pet Cabins

Ensuring the comfort of pets during flights is crucial for their owners. Many airlines today have designed special cabins to allow pets to travel comfortably and safely. These compartments are tailored to the sizes of the pets to prevent any issues. It’s important to notify the airline when booking your ticket that a pet will be traveling and specify the cabin size needed.

Designated Pet Areas

Airports offer various services to prevent pets from getting bored and causing disruptions. One such service is designated pet areas, where cats, dogs, and other pets can roam freely, drink water, and eat. These areas, often referred to as play and grass areas, are prominently located in pet-friendly airports.

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Pet-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

In many countries, sitting with your pet in certain restaurants and cafes can be problematic. However, this is not an issue at pet-friendly airports. You can sit in any restaurant or cafe, with your pet accompanying you. This convenience is available at many airports around the world, including IGA Istanbul Airport.

Pet Transportation Services

Some pet-friendly airports offer transportation services to make it easier for pets to move through the check-in and boarding processes. This special service allows travelers to carry their pets comfortably without any hassle or fatigue.

Veterinary Services

Pet-friendly airports often provide veterinary services. These services are particularly useful in emergencies. If you want to conduct a general health check for your pet before the flight, you can use the veterinary services available at the airport.

Pet Stores

Some airports also feature pet stores where you can buy toys, food, and other items for your pets. You can purchase any necessary products for your pet before the flight from these stores.

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Pet-Friendly Airports

Here are some of the pet-friendly airports that offer all or some of the services mentioned above:

İGA İstanbul Havalimanı (Türkiye)

Istanbul Airport is undoubtedly one of the most favorite places for your pet traveling with you, because everything has been considered for the needs of your little friends. You can meet all the basic needs of your pet at Istanbul Airport, where there are a total of four pet rooms: one in the check-in island area on the departures floor, two after passport control and one on the arrivals floor. In addition to food and litter, the cat rooms even contain toys that will relieve your cat's stress, such as a scratching board.

When it comes to pets, it is necessary to open a separate paragraph for Istanbul Airport because the "Therapy Dog Project", which was implemented as a pilot application, is a first in Turkey. Therapy dogs, specially trained to give the positive energy needed by passengers experiencing flight-related stress, are on duty to provide a peaceful and enjoyable travel experience. You can find them in the international passenger area during the day, especially during peak flight times, and fill them with lots of love before boarding your flight.

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Los Angeles International Airport (USA)

One of the largest airports in America, Los Angeles International Airport offers comprehensive pet-friendly services for travelers. There are numerous amenities for pets, including special rest areas where they can relax. The Pet Park area also provides necessities like water and waste bags.

Frankfurt Airport (Germany)

Located in Frankfurt, Germany, this airport offers various conveniences for travelers with pets. Services include grooming rooms, rest areas, and special sections for food and other needs.

Heathrow Airport (UK)

Heathrow Airport in the UK is one of the most comprehensive pet-friendly airports in the world. It offers services such as veterinary checks, exercise areas, rest zones, microchip scanning, and bathing facilities to meet all the needs of pet-owning travelers.

Changi Airport (Singapore)

At Singapore’s Changi Airport, necessary inspections and examinations are conducted for pets upon entry and exit. The airport provides a range of amenities, including pet transfer services, feeding areas, walking areas, and grooming facilities.

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