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1 August 2022

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia; It is a city worth seeing with its monumental architecture, tangible history and endless nightlife. This charming city, the meeting point of the Danube and Sava rivers, is one of the most impressive European capitals today. When you set foot here, you can first take a walk along the riverbank, then take a lunch break on the boats that have been converted into restaurants and enjoy the city's tourist attractions. Belgrade also hosts many international festivals; More than a hundred festivals are held here annually. Naturally, we are sure that you will come across one of these festivals when you go here. A full trip awaits you in every sense.

So, what does it take to go to Belgrade? To go to Serbia for travel purposes, it is sufficient to have a current passport with at least six months validity. So Belgrade is ready to explore without the need for a visa. With its places to visit and visa exemption, Belgrade is undoubtedly a city that should be at the top of your Balkan travel list. If you wish, let's take a look at the most popular places in this city together.


Belgrad Fortress

Belgrade Fortress, which we can call the most attractive place in Belgrade, is the whole state of everything that makes the city unique. Essentially a gigantic park, this castle overlooks the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, the most romantic spot in the city. Of course, the castle also has a remarkable history. Since the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers served as a kind of protection, this place has been inhabited by humans since Neolithic times. But later this area was taken over by Celts, Romans, Huns and Goths, and in the 15th century a Serbian leader was the first to strengthen the fortifications here; He built a very solid fortress here, which covered most of the area. Besides the walls, Belgrade Fortress is home to a church, a Military Museum, a number of galleries and many popular parks. We say don't come back from Belgrade without seeing this place.

Belgrad Kalesi-2.jpg

Skadarska (Skadarlija) Street

Skadarska Street is Belgrade's oldest quarter and also its most famous street. The street has a bohemian atmosphere. The street, which is full of old buildings, is considered the Belgrade version of the Montmartre settlement in Paris. Restaurants, bars and cafes on the cobblestones adorn the street. Known as the "Gypsy District" in the 19th century, this place was once a place where poets and academics came together and street theaters for children performed circus performances. This street, which has recently developed especially in terms of tourism, welcomes many people, including many celebrities; so let's keep in mind that the best restaurants in the city are also located on this street.

Saint Sava Cathedral

With its 133-meter dome, the Cathedral of St. Sava appears directly on the skyline of the city of Belgrade. This cathedral, the largest Orthodox Church in use today, is dedicated to St. Sava, who founded the Serbian Orthodox Church. The cathedral is also located on the Viacar Plateau, where St. Sava is thought to be buried. Today, the interior of the cathedral is still under construction. The unfinished state of this monumental sanctuary must have added a special mystery here, as it remains one of Belgrade's most popular attractions.

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Knez Mihailova Street

This street is perhaps one of the fascinating streets lined with the historical buildings that almost every city has and where people shop. The street, which is a kind of social meeting point of the capital, was named after Prince of Serbia III. Mihailo, and the history of the street dates back to the Ottoman days. It is possible to come across all segments of Belgrade society, from businessmen to casual young people; The street is a great place to take a rest break and observe the people around after shopping and perusing the old buildings from the late 1870s. Especially if you are a shopping lover, you will definitely come here.

Nikola Tesla Museum

Thanks to Nikola Tesla's inventions that enabled him to energize electricity, an electric car built years later was named after him. Of course, this is not the only subject in which the inventor's name and life are honored; In the center of Belgrade there is a museum entirely devoted to the work of Tesla. The Nikola Tesla Museum, located in Vracar, presents thousands of documents, books, photographs and drawings of Tesla's works that astonish the whole world. This museum, where many things about Tesla's personal life are exhibited, is one of the places that must be visited when visiting Belgrade.

Nikola Tesla

Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija, also known as Gypsy Island, overlooks the Sava River, which runs through the center of Belgrade. With its beautiful beaches and sports facilities, this peninsula is an enormous coast that welcomes more than a hundred thousand visitors a day during the summer months. Also called “Belgrade Sea”, the island is full of wild-looking dense forests; so don't be surprised if you see animals like deer, rabbits and foxes here. Temperatures can reach 40 degrees on the island, but don't worry, there are plenty of bars around to cool off and make your vacation easier.

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We wish you a full, enjoyable and discovery holiday!