30 July 2020
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User-friendly Travelling Applications

Each traveler may sometimes need help in terms of language, booking, organization, or packing during their travels. We are lucky that almost all of us own smart phones that can offer downloadable applications for whatever we need. We gathered some of the applications you need to look at before your next trip. 

1- Passnfly

Until now, we all completed out check-ins at the airport or online the night before our flight. Passnfly is a search engine that provides national check-in services around the world. They obtain your flight details via e-mail and complete your check-in automatically as per the seating arrangements you previously select. 

This application also provides services like extra baggage purchase, baggage tracking, seat changing, food ordering before flight, and learning about wifi details and entertainment on the plane.

2- LoungeBuddy 

Airport lounges are one of the important priorities provided to business class passengers at the airport. However, not everyone can afford a business class ticket. LoungeBuddy is an application that grants access in every lounge in its network. It doesn’t require a membership, ID information or a first-class ticket. You only need to pay a minimal price to enter the lounges in any airport. 

3- ELK

Currency conversion calculation has always been an issue for travelers. ELK is a currency conversion application designed for frequent travelers. It is easy and rather practical to use.

According to its developer Hon Cheng, “there are many currency conversion applications. ELK mostly targets travelers with an Apple Watch. It is hard to find an application compatible with smart watches and we believe we fit this purpose.”

4- Google Translate

We all know Google Translate, but in October 2018, the application made an update to become the best road buddy for travelers. After this update, Google Translate can translate a picture into English or another language you choose.

For example, if you are in China and can’t read Mandarin, you can take a picture and have it translated. 

5- Here WeGo

Here you have a serious rival for Google Maps...

Here WeGo is a map application that can be used offline, like Google Maps. The application allows you to download maps for over 100 countries and use its voice assistant even without a cell signal. You can also learn about public transportation, taxi fares, bus tickets, etc. details on Here WeGo.

6- Zomato 

Listing the best restaurants in town as well as their menus and visitor comments, Zomato is one of the best travel applications to help you have the best trip of your life. 

7- AroundMe

The application lists hospitals, pharmacies, police stations, etc. locations around you in case of an emergency as well as social activity venues like restaurants, coffeeshops, and cinemas you are in close proximity to.

8- Yuggler 

It is important to make sure your kids have fun during a family trip. Yuggler is one of the applications that can help you with this. Yuggler allows you to filter children’s activities and children-friendly venues in and around the city. We should mention that the application is only available on mobile phones with an IOS processor.

9- Wi-Fi Finder

Helping you to find free-of-charge Wi-Fi locations around you to use your phone actively, Wi-Fi Finder also allows you to see user comments and internet quality. 


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