1 March 2024

For those seeking a meal with a seaside panorama in Istanbul, there are plentiful options to explore. Whether you're on the Anatolian or European side, you can venture out with your friends and loved ones to savor the scenery. Naturally, the price points at each restaurant may vary. If you're on the hunt for an economical dining experience without compromising on the view, this curated list is just what you need. Here are some spots in Istanbul where you can enjoy the vistas without breaking the bank.

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Karaköy Balıkçısı (Karaköy)

Our first recommendation is for those craving a Bosphorus-facing feast. Karaköy Balıkçısı has held its spot for years, offering an extensive menu featuring not only fish but also various seafood delights.

Cafe Privato (Galata)

If you fancy a meal under the enchanting glow of the historic Galata Tower, Cafe Privato will surely captivate you. Ideal for light snacks or breakfast, this cafe boasts an affordable menu.

Şehir Teras (Kadıköy)

Perched along the Moda coastline, Şehir Teras is a gem on the Anatolian side. Here, you can enjoy dinner, coffee, and memorable moments with your loved ones while soaking in the Bosphorus view.

Mangerie (Beşiktaş)

Mangerie promises a splendid evening complemented by panoramic Bosphorus views, all at a reasonable price point. Their menu showcases a fusion of Turkish and international flavors.

Kıyı Restaurant (Üsküdar)

Another gem on the Anatolian side, Kıyı Restaurant offers renowned flavors against the backdrop of the sea and the Maiden's Tower. Indulge in an array of seafood dishes without breaking the bank, making it an ideal spot for weekend gatherings with friends or family.

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Mia Mensa (Ortaköy)

Nestled in Ortaköy Square, Mia Mensa is a haven for pizza and pasta enthusiasts. With its delightful ambiance and magnificent Bosphorus view, it's a must-visit.

Çınaraltı Tea Garden (Çengelköy)

For a more laid-back and intimate experience, be sure to check out the historic Çınaraltı Tea Garden. It's a beloved spot for enjoying tea and bagels while taking in the Bosphorus vista.

Filizler Köftecisi (Salacak)

If meatballs, piyaz, salad, and buttermilk are your go-to comforts, Filizler Köftecisi is your haven. Pair their famous meatballs with the stunning Bosphorus view for an unforgettable dining experience with friends.

Beykoz Grove Social Facility (Beykoz)

This spot offers both pocket-friendly and delectable meals amidst lush greenery. Furthermore, during spring and summer, you can relish the terrace overlooking both the Bosphorus and the verdant surroundings.

Hünkâr Köşk Restaurant (Kandilli)

Situated in the renowned Kandilli area, this restaurant warmly welcomes guests with reasonable prices and impeccable service. It's a favorite spot on the Anatolian side where you can indulge in diverse flavors while soaking in the panoramic Bosphorus view.

Sabanci Teacher's House (Anadoluhisari)

Here's a spot where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner while taking in the stunning sights of the Bosphorus. With its pocket-friendly menu and hospitable staff, it's a place where you can truly unwind and relish the experience.

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Pierre Loti Hill (Eyüp)

Nestled atop the famous Pierre Loti Hill, this place offers breathtaking views alongside a relaxing ambiance perfect for sipping tea or coffee. With convenient options and a variety of snacks, it's an ideal spot to soak in the scenery.

Ali Ocakbaşı (Karaköy)

For meat lovers seeking an affordable Ocakbaşı experience, Ali Ocakbaşı is a must-visit. Located against the backdrop of the Galata Tower, this beautiful eatery offers delicious meat dishes and a selection of tantalizing appetizers.

Aziziye Cafe & Restaurant (Beyoğlu)

With vistas overlooking both the Galata Tower and Istiklal Street, this spot is a top choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Its prime location and affordable options make it an excellent pick for any meal of the day.

360 Istanbul (Beyoğlu)

Indulge in diverse flavors at affordable prices while enjoying a view of Istiklal Street at 360 Istanbul. Offering a panoramic atmosphere befitting its name, this spot stands out with its reasonable prices and prime location.

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Sunset Grill & Bar (Beşiktaş)

Situated in one of Beşiktaş's most picturesque locations, this charming spot treats guests to barbecue, seafood, and a range of cocktails. The highlight? The stunning Bosphorus view that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

Dragos Social Facility

Boasting very affordable prices, this social facility captivates visitors with its breathtaking view of the Marmara Sea. With special menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it offers a pleasant atmosphere perfect for any time of day.

Hidiv Pavilion Restaurant

Indulge in the finest Ottoman cuisine and seafood while enjoying an exhilarating view of the Bosphorus at this restaurant. Though prices may be slightly higher, the rich menu and magnificent vista make it a worthwhile experience.

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