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10 August 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 3 June 2022
Quickly Explore the Grand Bazaar with a Map

The Grand Bazaar is essentially a shopping center built in 1461 during Mehmet the Conqueror’s Era. Known as Istanbul’s most touristic location, the Grand Bazaar hosts over 92 million tourists in a year. Therefore, it is among the world’s most touristic places. 

Let’s clarify how you will commute to the Grand Bazaar. When you get on T1-Kabataş-Bağcılar tram line and get off at Beyazıt-Kapalıçarşı station, you will find yourself directly in front of the Grand Bazaar. 

If you wish to commute with subway, take M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman subway line and get off at Vezneciler station. You will reach the Grand Bazaar after 10 minutes on foot.

Visitors who wish to take the bus can look for busses on Beyazıt line.

There are 21 entrance doors and we suggest that you always note from which door you enter if you don’t want to get lost on your way out. Even though the initial ground space was 30,701 m2, the Grand Bazaar is currently located on 110,868 m2 in total with the alleys and lodges. The extensive Grand Bazaar will draw you in its labyrinth-like structure to get lost in. 

Grand Bazaar is like a capital city for many sectors like jewelry, carpet, and souvenir. 

Certain sectors are generally located in designated areas. For example, gold makers are usually located on Kalpakçılar street. When you enter from the first entrance, you will be seeing Terzi Baş street, Ağa street, Muhafazılar street, and Sandal Bedesteni street.  

Jean makers’ market will greet you at the ninth and eleventh entrances. You can find any jean-based product on Fesciler, Yarım Taş, Lütfullah Efendi, Yeşildirek, Hacı Hasan, Gani Çelebi, and Emir Şah streets. 

Famous hand-made carpet sellers are located right in the middle of the bazaar. You can find the unique parts of Turkish carpets and experience the famous “Flying Carpet” on Sahaflar Bedesteni, Kavaflar, Keseciler, and Perdahçılar streets.

Textile sector is also significant in the Grand Bazaar. The fourteenth entrance is “Knitters’ Door”. You can find various textiles in the stores on both sides of Yağlıkçılar street. 

The Grand Bazaar can be defined as a huge shopping mall, for which you will need a whole day to explore. There are many other stores like Turkish delight makers, tinsmiths, antiquaries, leather dealers, silversmiths, and dowry stores. You will need a comfortable sneaker to explore them all. 

We are leaving an easy-to-read drawing of the Grand Bazaar to facilitate an easier experience for you.  We hope it helps.  

Enjoy the shopping!

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