9 December 2023

As we gear up to bid farewell to 2023, people have already started making plans to usher in the new year with their loved ones. Families, friends, spouses, and companions who wish to embrace the new year with fresh hopes and aspirations don't forget to exchange gifts on this joyous occasion. Of course, when it comes to gifts, the options are limitless. However, the souvenir fairs organized in our country offer a much broader array of alternatives and grab attention with their budget-friendly prices. As we approach New Year's Eve, we've compiled a list of fairs and where you can discover unique souvenirs.

İzmir Eats and Beats Christmas Market

Izmir's largest New Year shopping market, the Eats and Beats Christmas Market, will open its doors in Hilltown Karşıyaka from December 20 to 24. In this festive market featuring popular names such as Melike Şahin, Manga, Gaye Su Akyol, you will not only feel the New Year spirit but also be able to shop to your heart's content for your loved ones.

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Christmas Market İstanbul-Madrigal

Since 2019, the Christmas Market in Istanbul, Madrigal, has become a tradition and is preparing to welcome visitors at Six Senses Koçataş Mansions from December 8 to 25. Don't forget to visit Christmas Market Istanbul to shop from themed gift stalls accompanied by the scents of hot dogs, croissants, and gingerbread cookies. Explore new things in DIY workshops and have fun moments from carousels to ice skating.

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Souvenir Expo Türkiye 2023 - Souvenir and Souvenir Fair

The countdown has begun for Souvenir Expo Türkiye 2023, one of the most comprehensive festivals globally, scheduled for December 14-17, 2023. In Yeşilköy, the fair will bring together a plethora of products such as souvenirs and keepsakes. Over 1000 brands will showcase their products, ranging from mugs, magnets, key chains, coffee sets, swimsuits, bikinis, sunglasses, bags, belts, suitcases, olives, olive oil, baklava, and every imaginable souvenir and food item. Particularly in the section where wholesalers display their products, you can explore options that align with your budget.

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CFE Carpet and Flooring 2023

Commencing on December 5, the Carpet and Flooring Expo will run until December 8. This fair, opening its doors in Yeşilköy, Istanbul, is organized in collaboration with the Istanbul Carpet Exporters Association (IHIB) and Southeastern Anatolia Carpet Exporters Association (GAHIB). Handmade carpets, rugs, mats, textile floor covering products, laminate, wood and parquet coverings, prayer rug types, machine-made carpets and rugs, yarn, fiber, textile products, ceramic tiles, textile machinery, and accessories will be showcased at the fair. For those passionate about weaving, carpet, and rug-style products, a diverse range of options awaits you. Here, you can also find many products suitable as gifts for your loved ones.

41st International Istanbul Mother, Baby and Child Products Fair

The fair, exhibiting products for babies and children aged 0-16, will open its doors at the Istanbul Expo Center on December 13-16, 2023. There's an endless array of choices for parents looking to bring joy to their children. Among the products, you'll find everything from baby clothing, shoes, children's clothing, home textiles, evening dresses, pajamas and socks, maternity and maternity products, accessories, youth clothing, baby equipment, toys, to bicycle models. Make sure to visit the fair to explore the product range from various brands, suitable for every budget.

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Moda Gaziantep - Gaziantep Combed, Textile, and Ready-to-Wear Fair

The Gaziantep Combing, Textile, and Ready-to-Wear Fair, set to take place at the Middle East Fair Center, will feature different, new, and trendy products this year. A strong turnout is anticipated from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkish Republics, and Balkan countries at the fair, welcoming visitors from December 19-22. Companies aiming to bring together quality and economical products directly with consumers will be present at this fair.

The fair's goal is for companies to engage with customers directly, eliminating intermediaries, and offering products at more affordable prices. It will showcase a wide range of products such as baby wear, children's wear, children's ready-to-wear, men's ready-to-wear, women's ready-to-wear, industrial and garment accessories, and textile machinery.

35th International Footwear, Slippers, and Sub-Industry Summer Fair

Commencing on December 4 and extending through December 7, the Footwear, Slippers, and Sub-Industry Summer Fair will showcase a diverse array of slippers and footwear products from various brands, as the name implies. It's not just Gaziantep companies participating in the fair; alongside Gaziantep, companies from Şanlıurfa, Kahramanmaraş, Istanbul, Kayseri, and Adana will showcase their products to consumers. The 35th International Footwear, Slippers, and Sub-Industry Summer Fair stand out as one of the most comprehensive and significant fairs in both Türkiye and the Middle East. The fair is held biannually, catering to both summer and winter seasons, ensuring a variety of slippers and footwear products suitable for all fashion preferences.

The fair will feature shoe manufacturers, leather manufacturers, leather goods manufacturers, artificial leather manufacturers, shoe machine manufacturers, wholesalers, magazines, institutions, agencies, and various other exhibitors. As mementos, attendees can explore products tailored to nearly every taste and need, including men, women, children, and young people. Beyond shoes, the exhibition will showcase a wide range of products such as bags, wallets, belts, military boots, slippers, work safety equipment, and more.

Junioshow - Children and Baby Goods Fair

While opening its doors to consumers on the first day of the new year, we strongly recommend not missing this fair, especially appealing to mothers and expectant mothers. The event, taking place on January 1 at Bursa TUYAP Fairgrounds and lasting only one day, will feature an array of products, including baby wear, home textile items, maternity wear, baby products, and toys. This biannual fair in Bursa will host manufacturers specializing in baby clothes, pajamas and socks, children's clothing, baby furniture, toys, and shoes, all presenting their latest products.

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