22 October 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 April 2022

Headphones everywhere

Let’s say you are headed for a long and nice vacation. You came to the airport, passed ticket and passport control, and boarded your plane. You are thinking about your holiday as you wait for your plane to take off. But as soon as you decide to listen to a song on your mobile phone (which is of course in airplane mode), you realize you forgot your headphones and get into a panic. There is a 12-hours-long flight ahead of you, and now you need to spend the whole day without your headphones after a very long time. You must have had an experience like this. 

Headphones have completely taken over our lives. While commuting to work in the mornings, at our workplace, at the gym in the evenings, playing games at home... we spend almost all day with our headphones. 

Since all mobile phones are sold with headphones, we can say that everyone owns headphones one way or another. Furthermore, almost 400 million headphones are sold worldwide each year. If you care about sound quality, you may be dazzled with all the choices you will face. If you are into “Hi Fi Sound”, you might as well be ready for the amounts you are about to pay for headphones. If you are asking “how much a pair of headphones could cost?”, let us say up to “120 thousand dollars”. With the current craziness of using headphones, design, brand perception, and technologic developments matter just as much as sound quality when selecting headphones. We listed the top headphones for you.  

The most popular headphones

When the subject is being the most popular, personal preferences and brands become prominent. We can say that Apple’s wireless headphones AirPods is becoming the most popular model with the brand’s impressive positioning. On the other hand, the current most popular headphones is undoubtedly Beats for its high quality perception. Known to be used by world-renown athletes, the most famous model of the brand is Dre BeatsX.

The most expensive headphones

When we are talking about the most expensive, we need to talk about expensive gems like diamond or gold. On top of this list (which includes a great deal of lack of manners) is Focal Utopia by Tournaire with a price of over 100 thousand Euros. Aside from the diamond-coated design of Onkyo, let us mention a model pricy only for the quality of the sound it produces. HE-1 by Sennheiser surprises us with a price of 55 thousand dollars. According to Sennheiser authorities, this headphone model with a vacuum tube amplifier creates the best sounds in the world. 


The first headphones

History of headphones goes back to the 19th Century, almost as old as the invention of phones. It is known that radio and phone operators used headphones as of the first half of the 1900’s. However, the first real headphones as we know them today entered our lives in 1979, with the invention of the Walkman. Which model was your first headphones? Do you remember it? 

Least noise 

In this loud world we live in, truly high-quality headphones must have a sound-cancelling feature. First sound-cancelling headphones were invented by Dr. Amar Bose in 1979 for the use by pilots. But it wasn’t until the 2000’s that we met this unmatched invention of Dr. Bose, who was an engineer and the founder of this famous headphones brand. Today, many brands use sound-cancelling technology for their headphones.   

The coolest headphones

The youth today perceive headphones as an accessory to complete their outfits. The headphones you use can easily reflect who you are and what you might be listening to. Colorful, patterned, techy-looking, high quality, business, luxurious, etc. styled headphones are with us at every moment of life... Especially the wireless headphones, they make everyone look cooler these days.

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