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19 January 2022
Güncelleme Tarihi: 9 March 2022

Train journeys are known as the countries where people of all ages, young people, adventure lovers pass by train, places they see. We can say that train journeys, which are often preferred in Europe, have started to become popular in our country with eastern express travel in recent years. The Eastern Express, which has been going for years, has gained popularity in recent years, becoming a train journey preferred by more local and foreign tourists.


It is one of the most beautiful railway routes of recent times that gives you this experience that will leave you completely different memories in Turkey, departs from Ankara and finishes its journey in Kars; You can find out what you need to know about the Eastern Express, which stopped its services in March last year due to the pandemic and resumed its journey on December 15th.

Eastern Express

The Eastern Express is the name of the train service that has been running more than 1000 km on the Ankara-Kars, Kars-Ankara line in 24 hours since 1949, allowing you to reach from middle of Turkey to the eastern point. What makes the Eastern Express so popular is that everyone who has never experienced a long-lasting train journey has made their first sleeper train journey, and it's a fairytale journey with friends, memories and views along the way. The Eastern Express, which accompanies many long-way stories with its comfort, mysticism and scenery, offers its passengers an unusual experience.


Eastern Express Routes

The Eastern Express route, which has an average route length of 1300 km, starts from Ankara at 17:55 and stops respectively at Kırıkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum and ends in Kars at 18:30. There are a total of 53 stops on the route of 7 cities and the journey takes an average of 24 hours. The train, which has a maximum waiting time of 3 minutes at the stations, stops in Erzurum, Erzincan and Sivas for about 10 minutes. You can choose spring months for hot weathers, you can choose winter months to have a unique snow holiday experience.

Eastern Express Wagon Types

Eastern Express journey offers travel in 4 different options with Pulman, couchette, beds and meals.


Pulman's journey includes two-seat seats lined up left and right. These seats, which are not very comfortable on older trains, are made new and more comfortable on the Eastern Express, making them more comfortable to travel. In addition, toilets are shared in this section.


In the couchette journey, the traveling seats have the ability to be beds. The seats facing each other can be shaped like bunk beds.


Sleeper ride, bed-turning dual seats, mini fridge and shelves; it offers many personalised comforts, from adjustable room temperature to the outlet and the passenger's sink.


Dining Trip

The dining trip includes a privately owned restaurant with tables and chairs in addition to sleeper cars, alcoholic beverages and a rich menu option.

Eastern Express Prices

2022 Eastern Express Pulman Wagon Ticket Prices

Full passenger ticket price: 82.50 TL

• Young passenger ticket price between 13-26 years old: 70.50 TL

• Teacher ticket price: 70.50 TL

• 60-64 (15 percent discount) age ticket price: 70.50 TL

• Ticket price for ages 65 and over (50 per cent discount): 41.50 TL

• TSK staff ticket price: 70.50 TL

• Staff ticket price: 66 TL

• Press staff ticket price: 70.50 TL

• Children's ticket price between 7-12 years old: 41.50 TL

2022 Eastern Express Covered Coated Wagon Ticket Prices

• Full passenger ticket price: 132.50 TL

• Young passenger ticket price between 13-26 years old: 120 TL

• Teacher ticket price: 120 TL

• 60-64 (15 percent discount) age ticket price: 120 TL

• Ticket price for ages 65 and over (50 per cent discount): 91 TL

• TSK staff ticket price: 120 TL

• Staff ticket price: 120 TL

• Press staff ticket price: 120 TL

• Children's ticket price between 7-12 years old: 91 TL


Attractions in Kars

When you arrive in Kars, a unique place for both calm, history and adrenaline lovers with its historical past and natural beauties, you will have the opportunity to get to know the city closely by staying one day.

You can add Ani Ruins (Archaeological Site of Ani), Çıldır Lake and Kars Castle to your itinerary.

You can choose Kars Sarıkamış Ski Resort, which is ideal for snowboarding and where the snow quality is quite special.

While visiting the city, you can see russian architectural structures and reflections of different cultures in the city; In the restaurants, you can taste many local delicacies such as kars cheese and Kars goose, nettle soup and evelik, hangel, hoşaf, rise with goose broth.


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