11 August 2020
Lesser Known Shopping Spots for Shopping Freaks

Shopping is an act sometimes derived from a need or from an urge to shop and as days go by, people tend to shop more by creating needs. While those who don’t have time to physically shop prefer online shopping, we know that there are shopping fanatics who define shopping as a hobby and cannot buy a product without trying it first. If you are tired of spending your spare time in crowded shopping malls and wish to explore new places, we have listed some less-known shopping places for you. 

1- Merter

Merter is known as the textile hub and all manufacturers including clothes, workshops, accessories ateliers, etc. are located there.  Even though the system is more wholesale based, many textile sellers also have those stores. Because you purchase directly from the manufacturer, finding high-quality products at lower prices is possible. You can easily walk around because it is not too crowded.

2- Fındıkzade 

As a small district in Fatih, Fındıkzade is a perfect option for shopping lovers with small boutiques starting right beside the tram station. A “high-end flea market” is opened near the tram station every Friday and many wholesalers put up their products for sale. While main stores are located on Kızılelma Street, you can find smaller boutiques on the alleys. You can find even more brands in Historia Mall at the end of Kızılelma Street.

3- Bakırköy

Even though Bakırköy is a well-known neighborhood, there are some lesser known alleys with nice boutiques on them. For example, when you enter Bakırköy square, turn left from LCW and enter the alley Dilko is on. You will see Rouge, a well-known boutique. There are many mini boutiques on the left and right, where you can find their special designs as well as other popular brands.

4- Nişantaşı

Nişantaşı is essentially a heaven of boutiques but there are also alleys you must see. For example, if you take City’s mall’s back exit into Teşvikiye Akkavak Street, there are many local and foreign boutiques. Some stores bring world-famous brands’ collections to you while some boutiques showcase their custom-made products in their ateliers.

5- Beyoğlu

There are many brands you can find in Taksim but do not forget that there are lesser known shopping hubs there. When you exit the tunnel, you can visit many boutiques in Atlas Pasajı. After that, you can keep walking towards Galata for numerous coffeeshops, stores that sell musical instruments, boutiques, and souvenir shops.

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