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7 June 2024

One of the most popular spots along the Izmir coastline, Karaburun, has increasingly become a favorite for those looking to spend their vacation on the Aegean shores. With its lush villages, undiscovered coves, and blue flag beaches, it is a true holiday paradise. Drawing significant attention during the summer season, Karaburun also stands out with alternative tourism activities such as village tourism, eco-tourism, and agro-tourism. A place where blue and green meet, Karaburun is ideal for those who want to swim as well as participate in activities like nature walks, trekking, and rock climbing. So, what should you definitely see in Karaburun? Here are the must-see places we recommend for your Karaburun trip.


Manal Bay

Manal Bay, a cove linked to Mordoğan, is one of the most popular spots among tourists. With its pleasant pebble beach and warm, shallow sea, it is a safe and enjoyable place for families with children. The bay also has gardens and green areas close to the sea, allowing for a peaceful holiday both in nature and by the sea. The beach provides all necessary amenities, including showers, kiosks, and changing cabins. Located 32 km from the district center, you can reach this bay in about half an hour by car. For those without a car, remember that there are Mordoğan ferries and minibusses departing from Konak.

Sazak Village

Sazak Village, an old Greek village, remains popular despite being abandoned when Greeks returned to Chios Island. The village is quiet and serene, with Greek houses, a church, and a cemetery. You can see many historical artifacts from the Ottoman period within the village. This Greek village, mostly visited in spring and summer, offers a glimpse into historical ruins and relics.


Karaburun Büyük Ada (Great Island)

One of the most special areas of Karaburun, Büyük Ada, also known as Sahip Island, has preserved its natural beauty to this day. You might want to witness this unique landscape yourself. Büyük Ada is ideal for vacationers with its calm and clean sea. It is also possible to see many animals living in their natural habitat here, with the harmony created by the swallows being particularly delightful. You can reach Karaburun Büyük Ada via fishing boats departing from the district.

Ayıbalığı Bay

Located 20 km from the district center, Ayıbalığı Bay has a blue flag beach. The water is exceptionally clear, making it a favorite spot for those who enjoy diving and jumping into the sea. The beach in Ayıbalığı Bay is tranquil and peaceful. You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing with your family. Additionally, the umbrellas here are free. However, be cautious as the shoreline is rocky. The beach offers all necessary facilities, including toilets, showers, and changing cabins.

İncirlikoy Aquarium Beach

Located centrally, İncirlikoy Aquarium Beach is easily accessible on foot. The sea is clear, with a beauty resembling an aquarium. This area, windy in autumn and winter, is popular in spring and summer. The beach, with its stunning nature and sea view, is very suitable for families and can be preferred for its convenient access. Although it can be reached on foot, if coming from the city center, you can take the Karaburun minibusses and buses from Urla.


Mimoza Bay

Another easily accessible bay, Mimoza Bay, is one of the most beautiful bays in Karaburun. The water is clear, and the sea is calm and enjoyable. It is quite ideal for both families with children and young people. The pebble beach of Mimoza Bay is free to enter. Every detail you might need is considered around the beach. You can reach the beach comfortably on foot or by taxi. However, if you prefer public transport, you can use the regular buses and minibusses departing from the center.

Bodrum Bay

Bodrum Bay, with its public beach, is one of the most beautiful and ideal spots for swimming. Its blue flag sea, sandy, and pebble beach make it a place where both young and old can enjoy themselves. You can swim in its clean, clear water all day, sunbathe on the beach, and enjoy your drinks against the stunning sunset view in the evening. From Bodrum Bay, you can rent a boat and explore many coves linked to Karaburun and Izmir, swimming in the sea. Bodrum Bay is within walking distance of the center, but you can reach the bay faster by taking the minibusses from the center.


Dolungaz Bay

One of the most popular bays in Karaburun, Dolungaz Bay, is particularly favored for its extensive camping areas. Young people can camp here with their camping gear and enjoy the freedom of swimming whenever they wish. It is a great opportunity for those who want to swim, set up a tent, and be close to nature. The best part is that there is no fee for camping or swimming. You just need to pack your gear and hit the road. With its deep blue, crystal-clear sea and stunning scenery, Dolungaz Bay offers an unforgettable experience for camping enthusiasts. Located 5 km from the district center, this popular bay can be reached by car in just 10 minutes. If you are coming by public transport, you can use the buses and minibusses departing from Karaburun.

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