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5 June 2024

Father's Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year, falls on June 16th this year. People are already pondering what gift to get for their fathers. Like Mother's Day, there are plenty of gift options for fathers too. This means everyone can choose a gift that best fits their budget.

As the weather warms up, some may consider giving their fathers a holiday or buying a tour package. Who doesn’t love a vacation? Especially for fathers who have been working hard all year or retired and bored at home, there couldn't be a better gift. That's why we decided to share five travel destinations that you can gift to your father for Father's Day. We've chosen activity-focused locations tailored to personal tastes, not just specific places. This way, your father can enjoy his favorite activity while also seeing beautiful places he hasn't visited before. Here are five travel plans that can make your father happy on this special day.

Cultural Tour Destinations


For fathers who love research, learning, and historical sites, cultural tours are ideal. No matter which region of Turkey you are in, you are likely close to at least a few cultural tour destinations. So, you can surprise your father with a cultural tour that includes historical locations or take him personally to these exciting spots. What are the key places that come to mind when thinking of cultural tours?

  • Hattusa
  • Ephesus
  • Ani Ruins
  • Perge
  • Mount Ida (Kaz Dağları)
  • Yedigöller National Park
  • Cappadocia
  • Zeugma
  • Selimiye Mosque
  • Lycian Way
  • Phrygian Way
  • Hittite Way

Sea, Sand, and Sun Destinations


Summer means sun, sand, and beach. Naturally, one of the best holiday options in this hot weather is a coastal destination. Turkey is a rich place in terms of sea tourism. Whether it's the Aegean or the Black Sea, you can find vibrant sea tourism scenes in many areas. A day at the beach, sunbathing, and enjoying the seaside is enough to make a great day. Therefore, you can consider the nearest options to your location and enjoy the sea with your father. Which destinations can you choose for a sea, sand, and sun holiday? Here are a few suggestions from us:

  • Bodrum
  • Marmaris
  • Cesme
  • Fethiye
  • Antalya
  • Datca
  • Kaş
  • Alanya
  • Kemer
  • Side
  • Amasra
  • Sinop
  • Bursa
  • Yalova
  • Tekirdag

Gastronomi Destinations


If your father loves cooking or eating, you can gift him a fantastic gourmet tour. Gourmet tours take place in almost every region. This is because each area has its own world-famous delicacies. Gourmet tours have also been attracting a lot of interest from foreign tourists in recent years. You can find many routes near you that offer local dishes to visitors. Additionally, gourmet tours can be arranged as day trips, so you can have an unforgettable trip with your father in just one day. If you want your father to try new flavors and have an enjoyable holiday, consider gourmet tour destinations. Where can you go for gourmet tours in our country? Here are some of the most famous and enjoyable gourmet destinations:

  • Şanlıurfa – Adana-Gaziantep – Antakya
  • Safranbolu-Amasra-İnebolu-Kastamonu
  • Diyarbakır-Mardin-Midyat-Hasankeyf
  • Adatepe-Edremit-Cunda-Ayvalık
  • Elazığ-Divriğ-Kemaliye-Malatya
  • Akdamar-Erciş-Van
  • Kayseri-Hatay-Isparta

Adventure Destinations

If your father is an adventurer, the best gift you can give him is a holiday filled with excitement and adrenaline. When it comes to adventure destinations, we can talk about a wide range. We are sure you know what kind of activities your father enjoys. Mountaineering, surfing, trekking, canoeing, paragliding, ballooning, ATV rides, and more can be included in adventure destinations. If one or more of these activities align with your father's idea of a holiday, we highly recommend considering them. Here are some destinations we suggest:


Climbing and Hiking Routes

Lycian Way
Kaçkar Mountains
Alaca Mountains
Cilo Mountains
Mount Erciyes
Yedigöller National Park

Paragliding Routes

Saklıkent Canyon
Lake Salda
Göynük Canyon
Lake Hassa
Hıdırlık Mountain
Kaçkar Mountains

Canoeing and Rafting Routes

Dalaman Stream
Göksu River
Çoruh River
Melen Stream
Yedigöller National Park
Köprülü Canyon National Park
Fırtına River

Surfing Routes

Cunda Island
Saros Bay
Soğuksu National Park

Visa-Free International Destinations


You can also gift your father an enjoyable international holiday for Father's Day. Moreover, there are many countries close to our country that do not require a visa, making this gift option very feasible. If you want to gift your father an international trip for Father's Day, you'll be glad to know you have a wide range of options. By choosing one of the visa-free countries near our country, you can surprise your father with a pleasant tour. Which countries near our country can you visit without a visa?

North Macedonia
Northern Cyprus


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