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30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 October 2023
Havana in 24 Hours

Cuba is an amazing country filled with varieties and beauties. Try to understand, or better than that, try to feel Cuba, as did the famous novelist Hemingway. Be sure that you would love Cuba, if you left your biases at home. We planned for you a 24-hour Havana tour for your first day in Cuba.                     


If you are staying at a hostel in the historical center of Havana close to the local public, you can start your day by admiring the enchanting streets. You can have your breakfast in Plaza Vieja by tasting Cuban coffees. 


After a coffee, you can walk towards the shore and take one of the small ferries on the pier for a five-minute sail to the other side of the shore, to Casablanca. A brilliant scenery will greet you there in addition to important structures like Che’s House, Morro Castle, and the large Christ of Havana sculpture. You can visit the opposite shore just for a selfie in front of the Havana landscapes. 


When you get back in the old town, you can pass through the park named after the famous scientist Humboldt and visit Plaza de San Francisco de Asís (the basilica), Plaza de Armas, and Real Fuerza, one of the oldest castles on the American continent. As Havana is a city of parks, museums, and squares, a complete list of museums and parks in the city will exceed the limits of this entry. You can spend a couple of hours going back and forth between the small- and large-scale museums in this small area or enjoy the tropical weather in one of the calm parks. 


We started with Hemingway, so let us continue with him. Located on a tiny and fusty back-alley leading to the Plaza de la Catedral (Cathedral Square), La Bodeguita del Medio is a bar that became famous with the novelist taking a mojito break there. You can take a break for a drink in this bar that is crowded at all hours of the day. You can see the cathedral at the end of the alley and continue walking towards the Museum of the Revolution (Museo de la Revolucion). If you are hungry, you can stop by Floridita roughly 400 meters from the museum and taste local Caribbean dishes.


Right beside the Museum of the Revolution, there is The National Museum of Fine Arts of Havana (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana). You must take at least two hours to give it due diligence. Hundreds of invaluable paintings are exhibited in the museum and Cuba’s three centuries-long history is told chronologically through paintings. 


After the museum, you can take one of the “Colectivo” taxis and drive through the Revolution Square (Plaza de la Revolución) to fulfill a Havana tradition. After taking a selfie in front of the Che Guevara embossed buildings or the José Martí Memorial. Now, it is time for dinner. 


Famous for the “Strawberry and Chocolate” film produced in Cuba in 1994, La Guarida may be your best option. Meaning “the sanctuary / the den”, La Guarida promises an unforgettable dinner in Havana. 


After dinner, you can take one of the classic car tours. Tourists normally take these tours during the day, but we suggest benefiting from the chilly night weather. 


The next stop is a magnificent entertainment venue, which was once an oil factory. Merging art galleries with a night club, Fábrica de Arte Cubano brings all art enthusiasts in Havana together. With its exhibition halls, art ateliers, restaurants, and concert venues connected with each other via narrow hallways, Fábrica de Arte resembles a labyrinth and promises to be one of the unforgettable venues during your Havana trip. It is already 2.00 o’clock in the morning, but you still have 6 more hours. Remember that in Havana, you can have fun until the sun goes up. Tropical cabarets and live music bars open until the morning are waiting for you. 

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