10 November 2020
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What Is a Cockpit Like?

No matter how many times we have boarded, some parts of the plane remain a mystery. Especially the cockpit section, which is restricted for security reasons, attracts the attention of all of us. We only know that there were two pilots inside. With this limited information, we sit back and enjoy the flight, knowing that that part of the plane will remain confidential to us. But what's in this hidden area of the plane? What happens in the cockpit during flight?

Let's start with the name... Cockpit, like many other aviation terms, actually comes from the sea. The person controlling the rudder on ships was called “coxsvain”; The cockpit is actually the name given to the area in which this person is located and where the captain is nearby. Later, as aviation developed, this word was used, changed and became widespread, like many other words that passed through shipping.


There are two pilots in the cockpit, a captain and a co-pilot. Previously, there was a flight technician and a radio operator. However, with the developing technology and computers, two people are enough for this place at the moment. We can say that this section is a kind of office for the pilot and co-pilot.

Every detail about the plane is handled in this section. All aircraft and flight-related data can be transferred to the pilot via the screens in it, and the aircraft can be managed manually thanks to the control mechanisms in this section. There are also communication panels that allow all aircraft-related information to be sent to the control towers.

If we come to the cockpit door, which hides this complex space from us; We can say that this door is different from other doors. Pilots are required to give permission for inside entry, and these entry times may vary for different situations. cockpit door; It can be opened by directing from the pilot panel in the cockpit and by entering the password of the pilot.
In the early years of aviation, cockpits were mostly open. Although the first closed cockpit was invented in 1912, some open cockpits remained in the air until the 1940s.

The interior of the cockpit is actually as fascinating as we thought. It resembles a small spaceship we see in sci-fi movies. There are computers and keys not only in front of the captains, but also above them. The question is, do pilots really use all the buttons that are just above and around their heads? Yes, pilots have to know and use these thousands of buttons. In front of the pilot is the lever, which is the control lever, which is used especially during the take-off and landing of the flight. In some airplanes, this control device is in the form of a joystick. On the other hand, the computer systems on the roof generally show information about the electronic, hydraulic and fuel systems of the aircraft and the pressure.

The flight management system (FMS) in front of the captain displays the flight plan and details and provides speed control. From this place, which is the area where the captain enters the most information, the pilots provide the management of the flight. The main flight display areas are located in front of both captains and show ascent rate and altitude, overall speed and other flight information. A separate panel features screens showing everything from air temperature to weather radar, maps and engine control data. The glass in front of the cockpit is special and at least 6 cm. in thickness. Just below it is usually autopilot.

As you can see, the cockpit is a small base where everything is controlled. When we learn the mechanism and function inside the cockpit, we realize the importance of this place for the aircraft and how difficult and complex the job of the pilots is.

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