30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 July 2022

If you are in Germany and want to taste new tastes, Berlin is a very suitable city for this, because there are many restaurants and street flavors that can reflect its culinary culture. So much so that there are even dishes specific to Berlin or mostly eaten in Berlin. For example Currywurtz, Berlin Weisser. Berlin, which has a very rich culture in street tastes, is also rich in other tastes. We have compiled a short and concise list of street delicacies that you must taste in Berlin. We hope you find time to taste them all.

1- Currywurst

Basically, Currywurst is a sausage that is served whole or sliced, topped with tomato sauce, curry, Worchecter (a sauce made from a mixture of broth and flour). It also comes with bread and french fries. This simple yet wonderful recipe is one of Berlin's most basic street delicacies.


2-  Pretzels

Pretzel is actually known as a type of bread and has a soft texture. You can see this taste in every street in Berlin. In its most original form, you can eat it covered with butter and sprinkled with fresh garlic or onions. It is also possible to dip in dip sauce for those who wish. This taste, which goes with all kinds of drinks, is also eaten as an aperitif with German beer.

3- Berliner Doughnut

Germans know this delicacy as “doughnut with marmalade filling”. It is pancake dough (fannkuchen) as a dough, but there are also many versions with chocolate sauce, coconut, pistachio and cream. Also known as German muffin or German cake. It is very similar in shape to a “donut”. The version with jam is more common. This traditional cake is cut in half and caramelized sugar is poured on it. The situation of the cake presented in this way in Turkey is slightly different. In patisseries in our country, it is sold with whipped cream, chocolate or mocha.


4- Doner Kebab

Turks and Germans have always been together since the 18th century. That's why our cultures are intertwined. What we eat and drink has changed over time. The Germans also recognized the doner kebab with us. They carried it to their own country and started to produce there. You can find at least one revolving hall on almost every street in Berlin. Although its name and appearance are generally similar to doner kebab in Turkey, it is served in a way adapted to Germany. Especially after midnight, people coming out of bars and nightclubs flock to doner-kebab halls to feast their stomachs. Although those who run these places are usually Turks, there are also places that are run by Arabs and Germans.

5- Senfeier

Whether it's because of its small portions or its appearance, the taste of this delicious dish remains on your palate. It is already known as "grandma" food in Germany. Senfeier is a kind of egg recipe with mushrooms. After blending the hot potato with mustard, it is served on the boiled egg, divided into portions. It is possible to find this recipe in almost every cafe/restaurant. Especially the recipe of chef Tim Raue at Kantine is very popular. If you happen to be in Berlin, we recommend you to taste this delicious dish.

6- Berliner Weisse

It is a summer drink special to Berlin, consisting of wheat beer blended with raspberry or waldmeister (forest filament) syrup. It is essentially a type of beer. It is produced by mixing wheat and barley malt. It is one of the lightest beers in the world. This is because malts are baked at very low temperatures. In this way, the thickening rate of the beer is minimized. If you want to try this beer, which is among the most famous drinks in Berlin, here is a recommendation from us; You should taste it at Strandbar Mitte, the first beach bar in Berlin.

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