30 July 2020
Berlin Street Foods

If you are in Germany and wish to try new foods, Berlin is the perfect place because there are many traditional restaurants and street foods to authentically introduce their kitchen culture. So much so that there are even some dishes indigenous to Berlin, or that are mostly eaten in Berlin, such as Currywurst and Berlin Weisser. Having a rather rich culture about street foods, Berlin is also rich in other delicacies. We summarized the street foods in Berlin that you need to try. We only hope you can find the time to try them all.                                

1- Currywurst

Basically, the Currywurst is a sausage (typically cut into bite-sized pieces) sauced and served with tomato paste, curry, and Worcestershire (or Worcester, a fermented sauce of broth and flour). It is served with bread and fries. This simple but tasty dish is one of the most basic street foods in Berlin.

2-  Pretzels

Pretzel is actually known as a type of bread with its soft texture. You can find pretzels in almost every corner of Berlin. Its most authentic type is covered in butter with fresh garlic or onion sprinkled on it. You can also prefer a dip sauce to go with your pretzels. Combinable with a beverage of your choice, pretzels are mostly preferred as an appetizer with German beer.

3- Berliner Doughnut

Germans know this dish as “marmalade or jam filled doughnut with no central hole”. It is made of pancake dough (Pfannkuchen) but can be served with various icings like chocolate sauce, coconut, nuts, or custard. 

4- Doner Kebab

There is at least one doner kebab restaurant on every street in Berlin. Even though its name (and outlook) is similar to the original doner kebab in Turkey, it is served in a way specific to Germany. This fulfilling but affordable delicacy is basically lamb, chicken, or beef (cooked for hours on a vertical rotisserie) put in a Turkish bread together with tomatoes, lettuce, radish, etc. vegetables and served with a special mayonnaise-based sauce. 

5- Senfeier

Whether from its small serving size or irresistible view, its taste will linger in your mouth for an exceptionally long time. It is a classical German comfort food that consists of boiled eggs smothered in a smooth, and creamy mustard and potato sauce. You can find it in almost all restaurants in Berlin.

6- Berliner Weisse

Made of wheat beer blended with raspberry or waldmeister syrup, Berliner Weisse is a Berlin-specific summerish beverage. If you want to try it, we recommend Berlin’s first beach bar, Strandbar Mitter for the best Berliner Weisse in town.