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17 September 2020
Distinctive Movie Theaters

No matter how much digital means improve, you need to go to a movie theater on your own at least once to comprehensively understand what “falling under the movie’s spell” means. Watching a movie at home and at a cinema definitely feels different. You cannot really understand the quality of classic movies like “Star Wars”, “Before the Rain”, or “The Thin Red Line” without watching them at a cinema. Feeling the ambiance in a cinema, even being there will help you get lost in the story. You will feel yourself as one of the characters in the movie when you are in a cinema. 

Technically speaking, movie theaters are living their golden ages today. 3-D, wide screens, improved sound systems... Even the silver screen is much more than being just a rectangular piece of fabric. There are some movie theaters in the world that manage to take this experience one step ahead of the rest. We listed the extraordinary movie theaters with their exteriors, architectures, lighting, seat designs, innovative technologies, and other services.


Cinémathéque Française- PARIS/FRANCE

Being the most important movie theater of French movie culture, Cinémathèque Française is attention grabbing for its architecture and incredible archive. The facility contains three movie theaters with a museum, in which you can see the objects of cinema history. The museum exhibits objects that belonged to Lumiere brothers, the inventors of cinema, as well as mementos from famous movies.

Busan Cinema Center- BUSAN/SOUTH KOREA

This extraordinary movie theater is the home to Busan International Film Festival and has the Guinness World Record for the longest cantilever roof. Resembling a mountain dispreading through the sky from afar, the center is lit up with 20 thousand LED lights for a spectacular view at night.



An ancient Roman arena is transformed into a movie theater every year for an annual festival in Pula, Croatia. This arena, which once was the home to gladiator games, is the perfect spot for those who want to watch a movie in front of its glorious view.


Colosseum Kino - OSLO/NORWAY

As one of the biggest movie theaters in North Europe, Colosseum Kino is prominent for its huge dome. Constructed in 1921, the structure receives a great deal of attention from tourists visiting Norway.


Fenice Theatre- VENICE /ITALY

As one of the most famous buildings in Venice, Fenice Theatre is named after the mythological Phoenix. The structure’s history goes back to the 18th Century. Even though it is originally an opera hall, the theatre is also a perfect option for watching movies with its perfect acoustics.


Cineteca Madrid- MADRID/SPAIN

Madrid is visited by thousands of tourists every year and Cineteca Madrid is one of the most famous cinemas in town. It is a culture center transformed from an old slaughterhouse. Prominent for its iconic lighting in a knit-like structure, the structure has three cinemas, a TV hall, and a movie archive.