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3 October 2023

Beykoz, nestled in the northern part of Istanbul, is a captivating destination boasting both historical treasures and natural wonders. It offers an excellent opportunity for those eager to explore this enchanting district. Beykoz can be likened to an outdoor museum, showcasing breathtaking views of the Bosphorus, lush green hills, and historic landmarks. From Anadolu Hisarı to Küçüksu Pavilion, from Mecidiye Pavilion to Fatih Grove, Beykoz enchants us with its endless beauty.

We also have the chance to immerse ourselves in the serene streets and natural landscapes of this elegant district. Additionally, local eateries, where you can savor the unique flavors of Beykoz, make for the perfect places to relish the essence of the area. This is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to uncover Istanbul's hidden paradise and create unforgettable memories. Without further ado, let's dive into our content. We hope you enjoy your reading.

Küçüksu Pavilion

Let's journey back to the mid-18th century. Inaugurated in 1751 with a grand ceremony and originally constructed as a summer retreat for the sultans, Küçüksu Pavilion has undergone various restoration projects over time and stands today in its current form. This distinctive edifice boasts three floors, including a basement. The seaside facade is adorned with reliefs and decorations influenced by various Western styles, while the garden features a pool reflecting the crystal-clear waters of Beykoz's verdant surroundings. The rooms and halls are adorned with exquisite artworks. Küçüksu Pavilion, which served as a state guesthouse during a period in the Republican Era, now functions as both a museum and a palace. You can explore the entire Küçüksu Pavilion for 15 Turkish Liras for adults and 5 Turkish Liras for students.

Günübirlik Beykoz Turu-1

Anadolu Hisarı

Now, let's delve into one of Beykoz's most renowned sites. This historical gem is situated at the confluence of the Göksu stream and the Bosphorus. We are, of course, referring to the Anatolian Fortress. As you may know, Istanbul was besieged twice before the conquest by Fatih Sultan Mehmed in 1453. The initial siege was initiated by Yildirim Bayezid in 1391 but was halted due to conflicts with the Hungarians. Subsequently, in 1395, Yildirim Bayezid laid siege to Istanbul once more, and as part of this campaign, he ordered the construction of a fortress in the area. That fortress is none other than the Anatolian Fortress. The tea gardens, cafes, and restaurants in and around the fortress's pier undoubtedly enhance the Anadolu Kasrı experience. You can visit this remarkable and historically significant structure that adds vibrancy to Beykoz six days a week, excluding Mondays, from 09:00 to 19:00.

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Mecidiye Pavilion

We find ourselves at an impressive site, another marvel of Beykoz. Before us stands the captivating Mecidiye Pavilion, also referred to as the Beykoz Pavilion, a true landmark of Beykoz. Named after Sultan Abdülmecid, this edifice was constructed in 1845 under the stewardship of Mehmet Ali Pasha, the Governor of Egypt. This magnificent structure, drawing thousands of tourists annually, is situated just below Hünkâr Pier. Inside the Mecidiye Pavilion, adorned with furniture and antiques from the 19th century, foreign statesmen were once received during the Ottoman era. Similar to Anadolu Hisarı, you can explore this captivating building between 09:00 and 17:00 every day of the week except for Mondays.

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Beykoz Grove

One of Istanbul's most breathtaking natural treasures, Beykoz Grove, covering over 27 hectares of lush green space, undoubtedly holds significant appeal for both locals and visitors alike. Sycamore, oak, and acacia trees grace the grove, which serves as the lungs of not only Beykoz but the entire Anatolian side as well. Observation terraces, offering a splendid view of the Bosphorus, lengthy walking trails, and flower gardens adorned with vibrant tulips are additional details that enhance the allure of this place. Beykoz Grove also provides a delightful opportunity to take a leisurely break in the countryside gardens shaded by centuries-old plane trees. Weekend picnics are an essential activity at Beykoz Grove.

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Göksu Stream

Göksu Stream, also known as Ağva Stream, is one of the largest rivers flowing from the Anatolian side into the Bosphorus. This picturesque stream ranks among the top choices for daily tours organized in Beykoz. During the summer months, you can embark on unforgettable journeys on Göksu Creek in rowboats and savor seasonal fish and local delicacies at delightful fish restaurants lining the stream's banks. Moreover, in the winter months, you can relish the enchanting snowy landscapes in this splendid region. You also have the opportunity to capture breathtaking photos amidst the vividly colored fishing boats and sightseeing vessels dotting the creek.

Çubuklu Grove

Çubuklu Grove, another verdant expanse in Beykoz, opens up its magnificent natural beauty to us and stands as another splendid emblem of Beykoz's unique environment. Encompassing 17 hectares of green space and home to the Hidiv Pavilion, Çubuklu Grove is also known as the Hidiv Pavilion Grove. A must-visit for nature enthusiasts, the grove is a favorite weekend destination in Beykoz, thanks to its flower gardens and winding trails amidst numerous tree varieties. This grove, which still boasts captivating historical structures and enchanting natural beauty, draws in thousands of visitors. Especially during the autumn months, you can witness unparalleled vistas of trees adorned with golden leaves.


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