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11 August 2023

Let's talk about Kaş, hidden in the heart of ancient Lycia, with a unique atmosphere born from the dusty pages of history. It is very difficult not to feel like you belong here with your whole being while wandering the cobblestone streets. It is a place where it is very difficult to visit without being captivated by the combination of the heritage left behind by the civilizations it hosts and its natural beauties.

Visiting every corner of Kaş is a spiritually satisfying experience. And one of the best activities to do is definitely to visit the bays. While doing this, it is definitely a good option to use the method we call blue cruise, which is the favorite choice of most travelers. So what is a blue cruise? In short, we can say that it is a sea voyage organized to explore bays, islands and coastlines. Let's take a look at the routes we have listed the bays you can set off from Kaş:

Kaş - Meis


İnönü Bay

Our first stop was İnönü Bay, about an hour away from Kaş Harbor. This place is called "in front of the cave" because it resembles a cave mouth at the entrance. The water currents are so cold that you discover the secret of its clarity and turquoise color as soon as you enter.

Aperlai Bay

Aperlai (or Aperlae) is one of the most beautiful stops along the route. The original name of the region known as "Aprilia" means "River Gorge". Aperlai was once the leader of the Lycian Confederation and has a history dating back to the 5th-6th century BC.  Archaeological remains in the region include Lycian sarcophagi and ruins. This bay, which is one of the stops that we believe you should definitely include in your tour, offers both sea and culture trips together.


Kaleköy is a small village built on the ancient city of Simena, a part of the Lycian League, which has survived since the 4th century BC. This village, which is accessible by sea, gives the impression of an island and is one of the rare places in Türkiye without land transportation. Although the ancient construction in the village is under control, the places in the village have changed a bit due to tourism. The village, which can be visited on foot thanks to being closed to traffic, has pathways where you can reach a sarcophagus tomb in the sea. Kaleköy, which is truly unique, deserves the intense interest of its visitors with its historical texture and natural beauties.


Gokkaya Bay

This bay boasts breathtaking views, featuring three different anchorages, small, rugged cliffs, and lush green hills with goats freely wandering about. Thanks to underwater springs, the water is refreshingly cool in certain spots while remaining crystal clear. You might also want to explore the cave southwest of Aşırlı Island.

Meis Island (Kastelorizo)

Located 125 km from Rhodes and a mere 6 km from Kas, Meis Island is the smallest and most secluded island in Greece. Although officially named "Megisti," locals refer to it as "Kastelorizo" due to its historical name "Castello Rosso" (red castle) during Italian rule. Only the northern part of the island, which is mostly rocky, is inhabited. The charming, well-maintained houses with pastel colors, typical of Greek architecture, add to its picturesque beauty.

Kaş - Kalkan - Kekova



Limanagzi, once a natural harbor in ancient times, lies on the peninsula between Antalya and Fethiye bays. It welcomes visitors along the ancient Lycian Way, now known as the Teke Peninsula, bearing traces of its rich history and offering a magical atmosphere, much like other places in the region. The bay, retaining its natural allure due to its slightly challenging accessibility, also serves as a habitat for Caretta Caretta turtles.

Güvercin (Pigeon) Island

This area is a haven for divers and features a delightful maritime museum with an underwater shark monument. While on your break, take the opportunity to admire this impressive shark monument or simply relish the Mediterranean waters and the sun. The marine museum offers unique experiences of marine life, and you can also enjoy a peaceful time on the beach, soaking up the sun.

Yaglica Bay

Yağlıca, an excellent spot for divers, is a small, serene, and pristine bay. If you take a stroll along the narrow road leading to the shore and step on the rocks, you'll understand why this beautiful bay is called "Yağlıca" (oily) due to its glistening appearance.


Akvaryum (Aquarium) Bay

While there may be numerous bays with the same name when you first search, it's not without reason that this name is favored. The layout of this bay, accessible only by sea, provides a sheltered haven against waves and wind, making it an excellent choice for diving and a highly popular spot for families.

Tersane Bay

Tersane Bay, part of the Sunken City, is a treasure trove of history dating back to the Lycians. The remains of towers, churches, and chapels built during the Hellenistic Period still exist here. Additionally, traces of harbor structures can also be observed in this area.

As you sail through the bay, you'll have the opportunity to witness artifacts from Antiquity, the Roman and Byzantine periods. With its clear and pristine turquoise waters, Tersane Bay boasts a breathtaking beauty.

Karalos Bay

Situated on the southeast side of Kekova Island, the locals of Kekova region lovingly refer to this bay as "Snail Bay." The sandy sea bottom is so white that it resembles a pristine pool, tempting you to take a refreshing swim.

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