11 November 2020
6 Delicacies to Taste in Russia!

With a richness in every possible aspect, Russia is also very rich in food culture with its old and delicious dishes. The country has a spectacular food culture with warming dishes in freezing winter and refreshing beverages in the summer heat. We listed the richest traditional foods in Russia for you. We suggest looking for them in the menus.



Borscht was the first dish to come to mind when talking about Russian/Ukrainian cuisine. There is a great chance that you will come across this popular soup in every menu. Borscht is made with beetroots as the main ingredient with usual side ingredients like meat, potatoes, and tomatoes. Even though there are various cooking techniques, every Borscht we have ever tried taste so good. The soup is usually served with sour cream on top. The best thing about it is that it can be consumed hot or cold, making it perfect for both winter and summer. 


2-Solyanka Soup

Since Russia is a country famous for the cold weather, we are continuing our list with soups. Solyanka Soup is another dish to keep you warm in long winter days. This delicacy is prepared with fresh and sautéed meat or chicken combined with pickled cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, onions, cappers, parsley, and dill. With an exquisite taste, Solyanka is thought to be healing for sick people. 



Russia’s famous Kotleti is a large-sized meatballs dish made from meat or mince with plenty of onion and crunchy breadcrumbs. Fish-based versions are also recommended in some restaurants. Kotleti are usually served with mashed potatoes, pasta, or rice.



Dumpling culture is a special tradition for Russian cuisine. On the contrary to Chinese dumplings, Pelmeni dumplings are small and round. It takes hours to prepare Pelmeni. You might see prepared and packed Pelmeni in many grocery stores. They are usually filled with lamb, pork, or beef, or a combination of the three. Its deliciousness is thought to stem from the thinness of its dough. It is always served with sour creme and mostly with gravy. You must try it if you ever visit Russia. 



Pirozhki are fried or baked small buns. Common fillings include meat, fish, eggs, potatoes, or mushrooms. They are served with jam or cottage cheese for taste. You can find this delicacy served by street vendors or at any bakery. Although its shape varies, they usually look like sweet triangular braided frisbees. We suggest trying this delicacy for you cannot find it anywhere else. 



We left Russia’s signature delicacy Kholodets for last. It might not look too savory, but we assure you this traditional Russian dish is extremely tasty. Kholodets is a rather old recipe; one of those created to preserve the meat. It is one of the most cooked dishes in Russia. It takes more than 7 hours to prepare one, and it needs to wait another couple of hours after cooking. Fresh meat is cooked for 7 hours, cut into small pieces, and put back into broth. It waits in the fridge overnight. This signature taste of Russia is served with hot mustard or a sauce obtained from horseradish, a type of bitter radish.