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16 February 2022

It's a concept we've heard a lot in the last few years, generation Z. Generation Z, which covers the younger generation born between 1997 and 2012, stands out for its different perspectives on life, individual attitudes and freer thoughts. Many of the young people of this generation are now starting to graduate from university and plan to realize their goals and dreams in concrete way. Faced with some difficulties as well as conveniences with the development of technology and artificial intelligence, these young people are interested in living in cities around the world where their own free thoughts can be expressed more easily, where the ease of life is greater and where they can overcome relative difficulties more easily. In addition, this generation stands out especially for its sensitivity to social issues such as social equality. In this regard, research was also carried out on the cities that generation Z mostly wanted to live in. We have covered 10 world cities that generation z wants to live in for you. If you're ready, let's get started!

1 – Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada, has a philosophy that advocates equality and freedom, and is on the radar of Generation Z, known for its sensitivity to nature, where different ethnic groups live together. It is also known as a city that young people love and prefer, especially because of the quality of the level of education and the fact that it is always a vibrant and social city.

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2 - Amsterdam

This list would not have happened without the Netherlands and especially Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city of equality known for its policies on human rights and environmentally friendly work. Generation Z considers Amsterdam a suitable city to live in, especially because of criteria such as equality, opportunities in entrepreneurship, environmental protection, advanced innovation.

3 – Berlin

Third on our list is Berlin, germany. One of the most important reasons why Berlin is on the radar of generation Z is that the cost of living is lower than in other cities. Berlin, a multicultural city, stands out with its many reputable universities.

4 – Stockholm

Generation Z has a strong interest in Scandinavian countries and cities. Especially countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland are known as attractive countries for young people due to many criteria. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world to live or visit, especially with its wonderful nature and geography. It is a great city that young people want to live in, especially because of its policies on gender equality, measures taken against the environment and nature, social sensitivity, and job opportunities provided to younger generations. And even the charming northern lights seen from Scandinavian cities, including Stockholm, are the reason to admire and want to live in this city in its own right!

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5 – Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a city of interest to the younger generation due to colorful nightlife, food and drink culture, high level of prosperity, social equality. In addition, it has managed to top among the happiest cities in the world in many studies.

6 – London

London, one of the most important metropolises in the world, is undoubtedly the city where generation z most desires to live. In addition to high quality education, it also manages to stand out with its job opportunities. One of the most attractive features of the British capital is the excess and quality of activities in social life. London hosts some of the world's biggest festivals and events. London, a multinational, multilingual and multicultural hub, is one of the favorite cities of the z generation.

7 – New York

New York, one of U.S.A.'s most prominent and magnificent cities, is always on the radar of generation z because of its high level of life, art schools that provide high quality education in many branches that young people want to turn to, the world's leading universities such as Columbia and NYU, and the fact that it is always a vibrant city. Known as the "city that never sleeps," New York is the most advanced city in the world and a metropolis where you can literally find yourself at a different event, a concert every day.

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8 – Barcelona

Barcelona, one of Spain's most important cities, is on the radar of generation z due to its majestic nightlife, unique holiday regions, historical structure and culture of food and drink. It is also of interest to the younger generation, especially because it is considered the capital of football culture. At the same time, Barcelona is popular with art lovers.The city has dozens of prominent museums such as the Picasso Museum, Gaudí museum, Football Museum, Dali Museum.

9 – San Francisco

We know that generation Z is a tech-age teenager. San Francisco ranks highest, especially for tech-savvy young people who can't leave technology for a minute. The city, which encourages the younger generation to entrepreneurship, is the center of developments such as artificial intelligence and robotics, which are of interest to generation z and follow intensively.

10 – Toronto

Finally, we continue with a Canadian city again. Toronto, like Vancouver, stands out for issues such as social equality, freedom of expression, environmental sensitivity. All the features of Canada, which generation Z sees as one of the most livable countries, are at the forefront in Toronto. Especially the hospitality shown to individuals of different nations also plays a large role in the love of the city.

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