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23 January 2024

Antigua and Barbuda, one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, sits at the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Just envision the breathtaking views it offers. This country, close to North America, boasts captivating wonders that draw people in. As Barbuda, an island nation, welcomes visitors without the need for a visa, travelers from our country are eagerly heading to experience their holidays in this enchanting island nation. Numerous reasons beckon visitors to this country, renowned for its beaches, sea, and welcoming locals.

The people, highly attentive to foreign tourists, form a community deeply connected to nature, ensuring nothing harms the island or disrupts its natural balance. Using the Eastern Caribbean Dollar as its currency, the country spans an area of 440 km. With Barbuda gaining popularity in recent years, there are numerous places to explore. We've compiled the must-see spots for you. Here are the visa-free attractions in Barbuda.

St. John’s

St. John's, the capital of the country, has a significantly higher population compared to the rest of the nation, with around 22 thousand residents. Being the main port center, it holds significance. The capital is adorned with natural beauties, including Independence Square, St. John's Cathedral, St. John's Antigua Light Lighthouse, St. John's Botanical Garden, and Baroque Towers—all highly popular among foreign tourists. While indulging in the sun and sea, don't forget to explore these attractions during your visit to the country.



Codrington, a small yet charming town with approximately 250 inhabitants, dates back to 1685. Founded by the Codrington family, it has maintained its local charm to this day. Despite surviving a major hurricane disaster in 2017, the town stands tall and warmly welcomes tourists.


Falmouth, one of the most delightful towns in the country, lies in the south of Antigua Island. With a population of 700, you can enjoy a pleasant time in this unique holiday town. Historical ruins and structures from the early societies dot the landscape. Additionally, the natural beauty of Falmouth is mesmerizing, offering opportunities for activities such as safaris and trekking.


Darby Cave

Darby Cave, a natural wonder in Barbuda, is located near the village of Codrington. Frequently visited by tourists, this cave showcases fascinating stalagmites and stalactites. Participate in the cave tour, a crucial component of nature tourism, and have a delightful experience. After exploring the cave, consider exploring the surrounding hiking routes, particularly enjoyable for nature enthusiasts.

Shirley Heights

Originally a military zone, Shirley Heights is situated in the southernmost part of the island. The remarkable historical structure and breathtaking views make it a standout destination. Tourists capture plenty of nature photos, especially during the impressive sunset. The area provides stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and English Harbor, making it a must-visit spot when you travel to Barbuda.


Frigate Bird Sanctuary

For an authentic island wildlife experience, head to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary. Situated on the northwestern island of the country, rumor has it that there are a whopping 100 thousand bird species in this region. It stands as the largest and most renowned bird park in the entire Caribbean. If you're keen on exploring this sanctuary and getting up close to numerous bird species, keep in mind that the only way to reach the island is by boat. Apart from avid birdwatchers, it's a magnet for nature enthusiasts looking to uncover hidden gems. Capture plenty of nature shots and closely observe bird varieties you've never encountered before.

Devil's Bridge

Undoubtedly, one of the country's most precious natural wonders is Devil's Bridge. This bridge formed through the relentless erosion of the ocean by massive, tumultuous waves. Local folklore suggests that the devils themselves constructed this captivating bridge, giving it the name Devil's Bridge. If you have a penchant for nature photography, consider capturing this bridge from various angles to enrich your collection. Much like many other parts of the island, exceptional landscapes await photography enthusiasts here.


Barbuda offers a myriad of activities in this natural wonderland, where you can visit without needing a visa and make the most of your vacation. Despite an international airport in the heart of the capital city, St. John's, there are no direct flights from our country. Consequently, you can opt for a connecting flight to London via Antigua to reach this captivating country.

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