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4 November 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 July 2022

Music is a universal phenomenon and its purpose is to convey an idea or emotion to the listeners accompanied by harmonies. Regardless of the language, you can feel happiness, sadness, fear, freedom, etc. while listening. If it can evoke feelings, that music has served its purpose and touched your soul, in other words, it has been able to feed your soul.

Whether we know the language or not, Russian music culture is one of the music that will definitely appeal to us with its diversity. Russian music is based on old folk songs and church music borrowed from Byzantium. However, over time, like all music genres, it has evolved and added new genres to its body. Folk songs and church music of the 18th century gave way to rap, hip-hop, rock and pop songs of the 21st century. Of course, there were songs that left many traces throughout this journey through time. We have prepared a list of these songs for you.


1- Kalinka - The Red Army Choir

This song, which we all probably know by heart, is often known as a folk song. It is claimed that the piece was composed by Ivan Petrovich Lariоnоv in the 1860s and was played and sung by dramatic groups during a theatrical performance in Saratov. Later on, this piece became the main repertory part of the folk choir. Contrary to popular belief, Kalinka is not a female name, but a tree (gilaburu) and is translated into Turkish as red mulberry in some song translations.

2- Kazachok – Russian Folk Dance

Kazachok, known as the traditional and national dance of Russia and Ukraine, is a music dating back to the 16th century. In the dance of this national music, the woman leads, while the man follows the woman and tries to imitate her movements. The song has a very lively and cheerful rhythm. This song has a rhythm that will get almost anyone moving while making it hard to stay still.

3- Nas Ne Degoniat - t.A.T.u

Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, the duo that once left their mark on the whole world, were a duo that swept Russian music in the 2000s. They managed to become a very different pop and rock music group with their music and the meanings of their words. They also made covers of this song, which you can listen to in Russian as "Nas Ne Degoniat", later in English as "Not Gonna Get Us". In terms of meaning, the song evades the two artists in love running away from people because no one understands them. This song, which is still effective and listened to today, has become one of the classics that comes to mind when Russian music is mentioned.

4- детство - Rauf & Faik

When we come to the present day, we see that the rap genre is very popular in Russian music, along with the world. The song детство, which means "childhood" by the newly released duo of Rauf and Faik, who performs this type of music, is a catchy group with over 48 million streams on Spotify and promises a future.

5- Rastafari - Santiz

Santiz, who became famous with the videos he posted while performing his own songs on the Internet, became an artist who suddenly stood out with his Rastafari song. Russia, which has recently experienced a development in rap, has managed to take its place among the countries with world-renowned artists.

We see how Russia, which continues to show diversity in music genres and develops itself, harmonizes its historical music from past periods with the present. Russia continues to be a country that introduces itself to the world with its successful musical performances in different genres. We hope that these few parks we recommend can overcome language barriers and touch your soul.

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