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4 November 2020
Russian Songs Ringing in our Ears 

Music is a universal art, and its main goal is to transfer certain emotions or ideas to its listeners via harmonies. No matter the language, if a song can make you feel happy, sad, fearful, or free, it means that the song has impressed you. We can say that Russian music culture has transformed into many forms. From folk songs and church music in the 18th Century to 21st Century rap, hip hop, rock, and pop music. Russian music has come a long way. There are some songs that are worth remembering in this long journey. We have prepared a list for you. 


1- Kalinka – The Red Army Choir

This song, which we all probably know in the back of our minds, was composed by Ivan Larionov in 1860. It became the dramatic theater song in the city of Saratov. Later, the composition became the fundamental repertoire song of the folk choir. 

2- Kazachok – Russian Folk Dance

Known as Ukrainian folk dance, Kazachok is a music piece from the 16th Century. The woman leads in the dance and the man follows by imitating her moves. The song is quite dynamic and cheerful. Kazachok has a rhythm that can make almost everyone dance to it. 

3- Nas Ne Degoniat – t.A.T.u

Leaving their marks on an era, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina was the duo that stormed through the Russian music in 2000’s. The duo was a pop/rock group that was so different from their peers with their music and the deep meaning of their lyrics. “Nas Ne Degoniat” was the Russian original of the song that was later covered in English as “Not Gonna Get Us”. The song tells the story of two artists that are in love and running away from people who don’t get them. Still listened to, to this day, the song became a classic of Russian music. 

4- детство – Rauf & Faik

As we come closer to today, we see that rap genre has become more popular in Russian music. A new duo in rap genre, Rauf & Faik’s детство (meaning “childhood”) is a remarkable Russian song played over 48 million times on Spotify. 

5- Rastafari – Santiz

Santiz became famous after he published a video of himself singing his own song. Rastafari is one of his best-known songs. Going through a recent improvement in rap genre, Russian artists are now regarded among the best of the world. 

We experienced how the Russian music improved itself throughout history based on music genres. Russia keeps being a remarkable country with their musical performances in many genres.