18 November 2023

A passport is an official document used for international travel, issued by authorized institutions upon meeting specific conditions and completing the application process. It plays a crucial role in identity checks abroad. Since traveling without a valid passport is not an option, it's essential to ensure that your passport is up to date. Whether for a leisure trip or a business venture, always check the expiration dates on your passport.

Passports come in various colors, each with distinct features. Currently, burgundy, green, and gray passports are actively in use, and you must possess one of these. As each color signifies a different scope, choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Passports have a validity period, and when it expires, it must be renewed. If this period lapses, you'll need to apply for a renewal. One common inquiry is about how to extend the passport's duration. Passport renewal is carried out through the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, with a required fee. We address questions regarding passport extension, application locations, and the associated fees.

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The process of passport renewal began after 2011, coinciding with the transition to chip passports. If your passport has expired, a new one must be issued. The new system introduces chip passports known as e-passports.

For e-passport transactions, scheduling an appointment through the online system is necessary. To extend the passport duration, i.e., to obtain a renewed passport, a fee is applicable, and this fee may change annually. The 2023 passport update prices are published on the official page of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. The fees for 2023 are as follows:

6 months: ₺689.70 (fee) + ₺689.70 (book fee) = ₺1,390.40 in total

1 year: ₺1,008.30 (fee) + ₺1,008.30 (book fee) = ₺2,016.60 in total

2 years: ₺1,646.10 (fee) + ₺501.00 (book fee) = ₺2,147.10 in total

3 years: ₺2,338.50 (fee) + ₺501.00 (book fee) = ₺2,839.50 in total

3 years and above: ₺3,295.50 (fee) + ₺501.00 (book fee) = ₺3,796.50 in total

How to Check Passport Expiration?

Before renewing your passport, check its expiration date. Utilize the online system by logging into the E-Government platform with your password. Navigate to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs page, where you'll find the Passport Application Status Inquiry section. By clicking on this section, you can easily view all the details about your passport.

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How to Renew Your Passport?

The passport renewal process involves several steps, including the payment of fees. Choose the appropriate passport type from the Passport Fees and Book Fee section, and after completing the online application, pay the fee using a credit or debit card to extend your passport's duration. Alternatively, you can pay the passport fee through ATMs or make payments at tax offices, PTT branches, and the Revenue Administration.

How can I renew my passport?

To renew your passport, schedule an appointment with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. You can either call the Alo 199 Citizen Interaction Center or set up an appointment online at Once you've submitted your appointment request, follow these steps:

Choose the passport option.

Select the color of your current passport.

Fill in your information and indicate your connected Provincial and District Population Directorate.

Choose the name of the person on whose behalf the transaction is being made.

Finally, pick your preferred appointment time and date.

What documents do I need for Passport Renewal?

Your currently valid passport.

Your identity card or temporary identity document.

Proof of fee payment.

Two biometric photographs.

A 60-day validity service-stamped passport request form.

Fingerprint (if provided before, not required again).

For minors, a letter of consent is needed along with the other documents.

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How long does Passport Renewal take?

Passport renewal is a quick process, typically taking around 30 minutes once your appointment is complete. Your new passport will be delivered to your address within 10 days after the renewal application. During peak periods, the processing time might be slightly longer, so it's advisable not to wait until the last minute, especially if you have upcoming travel plans. Completing these procedures a month before your trip ensures a smooth passport renewal process without any disruptions.

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